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    Howl Moonshine Howl at a recent show at Absinthe House. Photo: Christoph DuFoe.

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    Howl Moonshine Howl. Courtesy photo.


If you go

What: Howl Moonshine Howl

When: 7 p.m. Friday

Where: Amante Coffee, 1035 Walnut St., Boulder, 303-546-9999

Cost: free


More still: You can also catch Howl Moonshine Howl in Denver on Aug. 3 at Lost Lake (3602 E. Colfax Ave.) and on Aug. 5 in Boulder at Trident ‘s SandBox Theater (940 Pearl St.).

Melanie Steinway left her native Boulder for college on the East Coast, but she didn’t stay there long. She was there long enough to get here degree in Rhode Island and play in a few different bands before a half-year stint in New York City made her miss Colorado.

Back out west, she joined up with drummer Tyler Bender, bassist Austin Pacharz and cellist Noa Wotton to form Howl Moonshine Howl. We talked to Steinway about the different geographical influences and the music the band is recording now.

You grew up in Boulder?

Yeah, I did.

Was the scene here a big influence?

Um, a little bit. I only got really into playing music when I left Colorado. I went to the Rhode Island School of Design and there are a lot of musicians there, and I was in two bands there. That was my big awakening as a musician. I was taking guitar and piano lessons when I was in Boulder and I was influenced by a lot of different genres. Obviously there’s a lot of folk, country and bluegrass, but I was also listening to a lot of rock.

So how did your time in Rhode Island in New York affect your music?

While I was at RISD, I was doing a lot of jamming. My sophomore year I joined this folk-Americana band, Ruthie, Moonshine and Ruckus Boys … that’s where Moonshine came from when I started doing solo stuff.

What brought you back here?

I graduated RISD a little over a year ago. I went on a cross-country tour with this band I was in called Celadour. That was a full rock band and is a little closer musically to what I’m playing now. I played bass in that band, actually. After graduation I was living in New York City for a little while. I didn’t like it, you know, it’s gray and expensive and there’s too many people. I was there for six months and I said, ‘You know what? I’m going back to Colorado.’ I put my instruments in a car and moved back.

Are you working on a new record or anything?

The album that’s on Bandcamp right now I actually recorded myself while I was at RISD using Brown University’s recording studio. We’re working on a lot of stuff right now. Tyler, our drummer, is a recording engineer and we’re working on that.

What can we expect to be different from the music you recorded yourself?

We’re gonna be louder. I wanna drift away from the quiet acoustic folk direction and go a little more into the rock direction while still retaining that delicacy and intimacy that I love in folk music. I’m really influenced by post-rock and instrumental rock music. I want to combine those influences into something that has a sense of power combined with a delicacy. It’s almost a masculine and feminine balance.


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