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    Abandin Pictures. Courtesy photo/Taylor Balkissoon

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    Abandin Pictures. Courtesy photo/Taylor Balkissoon


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What: Abandin Pictures

When: 8:30 p.m. Wednesday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-733-0230

Cost: $6

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When: 10 p.m. Friday

Where: Bohemian Biergarten, 2017 13th St., Boulder, 720-328-8328

Cost: free

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Abandin Pictures has taken on a few forms, if you count some of the members “silly high school bands.”

Really, you probably shouldn’t. The Denver shoegazey indie rockers’ first EP certainly sounds better than that, and they’re on the verge of releasing their first LP, with the promise of a better creative focus.

We talked with Jake Supple and Connor Birch about the band’s history and it’s future.

You’ve been playing together for a long time. What was it like early on?

Jake Supple: Noah and I grew up together in New Jersey from when we were couple months old. We moved to Steamboat and then we ended up going to school together. We were living together in the dorms. Noah had a different kind of upbringing in music than me and Connor. Me and Connor played together in high school and we went to school. Connor ended up transferring from CU-Boulder to CU-Denver.

Connor Birch: Back in high school, I was in a band with Noah as well.

Was the music very different then?

CB: They were silly high school bands. The biggest thing we ever did was, like, a battle of the bands. We didn’t record anything.

It’s good you haven’t gotten sick of each other. It must make for an intuitive writing process.

CB: It’s definitely, like, you grow up with these people and you’re so comfortable with them and it adds another level of trust and communication. Also, it has issues of being too close, but you can tell them anything they’re like brothers at that point. It’s not a superficial thing anymore.

When you got together in Denver, how did the band form?

JS: We got together and we were listening to similar music together. We got into the same things, following certain bands. We started playing together in the dorms, but we never had a show together then. We got a house together after a summer break and we started getting shows. We’ve been together two and a half year almost. Not all of us are going to school right now, so we’re not really a college band.

Tell me about the EP.

CB: At the time we were listening to so much different music. Like any other artist, we were trying to sound like who we listen to and who we admire. Since that EP, it’s been a lot of growing and a better creative process and experimenting with what we’re going. Taking things that we like from other bands and applying that.

JS: I’m not sure who I’m stealing this quote from, but I really like the idea of writing music to impress our idols rather than trying to imitate them.

Your first LP will be out soon, right?

CB: The name of that is going to be Who Killed the Dinosaurs? and that’ll be out in October.

How will that be different after all the creative growth?

CB: It’s a lot more listenable and for us it’s a lot more exciting. It’s more creative in terms of experimenting with sounds and songwriting structure. We’re in the process of making it this one cohesive piece of music that flows from one end to the other. A lot of people are making singles right now, but we wanted a cohesive album.

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