• Jeremy Papasso

    Beer taps -- for outdoors-inspired brews -- at Wild Woods Brewery.

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    Erin Ross lays out place settings while getting ready to open at Bru Handbuilt Ales and Eats in Boulder.

  • Jeremy Papasso

    From left, Kevin Wolver, James Melvin and Andrew Schultz toast at Wild Woods Brewery in Boulder.



If you’ve been living under a rock — OK, or if you’re under 21 — you may not have heard the news.

Craft breweries? They’re kind of a big deal. People know about them. Especially us Coloradans, who are clearly all beer snobs and want crazily-named concoctions like “The Maharaja,” “Killer Penguin” and “Chillax Wheat.”

Boulder, too, is a player in this craft brewing game, with the big guns — like Avery and Twisted Pine Brewing — making us all look good. But in the past year, a surprising number of new breweries have popped up and are already making a foam-covered splash.

So it’s only right you head in, put your let’s-try-new-things pants on and get the samplers a-flowing (but only if you’re of-age!).

FATE Brewing

1600 38th St.


In place of an oddly-painted Mexican restaurant (see ya, Playa), FATE filled a building along Arapahoe Avenue with some delicious new brews. Like their Cascadian Dark IPA (a scrumptious blend of hoppy goodness and that dark taste you porter pals love) and the Coffee Kolsch (a beer that looks like a lager but, thanks to Ozo, tastes like a Grande coffee sans cream).

And for you gents out there, you could easily sell a date night to FATE, thanks to their sleek indoor décor and tasty menu. Oh, and a wait staff as enthusiastic about beer as you.

BRU Handbuilt Ales

5290 Arapahoe Ave. Unit 1


There’s something comfortable about BRU. It’s basic, clean and really lives up to its “handbuilt” slogan. The menu alone, with things like house-made pizza and beer and ice cream floats, looks like a lip-smacking way to stave off drunkenness.

Plus, their beer menu’s foaming over with flavor. Their Citrum IPA, for example, boasts lemon zest and a fresh, tart taste. On the opposite end, the Obitus American brown ale, with its dates and caramelized sugar, sounds nice and smooth. A visit to BRU may be a great way to class up your night and enjoy some great brews in the process.

Wild Woods Brewery

5460 Conestoga Ct.


It’s camping, for folks who don’t actually want to sit out with the bugs and critters all night.

Not really.

Wild Woods, tucked in near 55th and Arapahoe avenues, has a comfy wooden decor that makes escaping for a few hours as easy as driving over. And by way of beers named Wildflower Pale Ale, a beer with floral and citrusy hops, and Ponderosa Porter, rich with vanilla, your mouth can experience the outdoors love, too. The Berry Patch Wheat and Smores Stout are especially apt desserts, should you enjoy lunch or dinner beforehand. And hey, they’ve got growlers, so you can take your Wild Woods out to the wild woods. Or back home. Either way.

Check in with Wild Woods throughout the year for seasonal inspirations pouring out of their taps.

Sanitas Brewing

3550 Frontier Avenue, Unit A


Now, don’t get too antsy in your pantsy, this one isn’t open for business yet. But it’s good to be aware of what’s coming, and get your calendars adjusted accordingly.

Sanitas has new digs and is working on their tap room as you read. They already have pictures of their upcoming Black IPA and Saison Ale on their site and, well, they look delightful.

They’re rolling out status updates on Facebook about ready to tap the kegs, and I’m staying tuned. It can’t hurt to keep an eye on this up-and-coming brewery.

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