I t’s no secret that Boulderites are a creative bunch. This lovely town is home to poets, painters, inventors, business founders and more. Some of these innovative residents allow their work to unfold via social media, adding a tech-nerdy twist to their labors of love.

These are some of my favorite projects as of late — they’re definitely worth a follow (and maybe a like or reblog or 20.)


I love discovering street art on my own, but I also love sharing my discoveries with others and seeing the art that people find (at least 15 of the Instagram accounts I follow exist solely for sharing street art in Paris.)

This awesome Tumblr blog collects photos of street art around Boulder. Its editors emphasize the difference between street art and graffiti — and there definitely is a difference — but the occasional tag finds its way into the mix (the only drawback I’ve found with the blog.) They curate from Tumblr and Instagram posts tagged with #streetartboulder, and even have an interactive map generated by geo-tagged Instagram posts.

StreetArtBoulder has complementary Facebook and Instagram accounts, but the blog brings the best experience, thanks to a design that focuses more on photos than on text.

Hawk Funn,

Boulder artist Steve Lowtwait (you know his work — he designed the banners along Pearl Street and was an animator for Nickelodeon’s “Hey Arnold”) and former Boulderite Michael Smith are gearing up to launch their new project, Hawk Funn.

Hawk Funn is a “social fiction” story — it’ll be told entirely via social media — featuring a guy named Hawk who lives outdoors with his family, camping in the middle of suburbia. Lowtwait’s illustrations will accompany Smith’s writing, and followers can interact with the characters, determining the plot of the story.

Hawk’s story — and its accompanying Kickstarter project — launch on Monday, so make sure you like the page before it starts.

Your Daily Hemingway,

CU student Lauren Thurman is the curator of Your Daily Hemingway, a Tumblr-based blog run on the concept of a “Hemingway,” which “combines two of the world’s greatest gifts: drinking games and literature.” It turns reading into a drinking game with daily prompts.

For example? “Anna Karenina: go drink-for-drink with the characters. (For extra verisimilitude, make vodka your liquor of choice.)”

Actually playing these games can be a bit challenging, since reading is more stop-and-go than watching a TV show or a movie. Nonetheless, it’s a funny concept in a charmingly nerdy way.

Thurman encourages submissions from readers, allowing you to get creative — and maybe a little drunk — with your reads.

Stop-motion Instagrams, @rachelryle

Boulder’s Rachel Ryle has always had an excellent Instagram account, with photos ranging from cute houses she sees on her walks, to snapshots from her friends’ California wine-country wedding.

But with the advent of Instagram video, her posts have gotten even better. Ryle uses the platform (and her mad drawing skills) to create fantastic stop-motion films. She’s created 13 to date, experimenting with different styles and functions — the most impressive are ones that integrate sound, like a dancing cassette tape playing “It’s Tricky,” by Run DMC (a Throwback Thursday post, natch.)

Jessica Ryan is a community manager and CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.

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