Looking to booze on a budget? Our nightlife columnist has some ideas for you, signified by this candle (on the sign for the Catacombs). We know light bulbs usually indicate “idea!” but you can probably only afford candles.

Let’s face it. A booze-loving lifestyle is costly to maintain. Especially if you’ve crossed over to the beer-snob dark side.

And since coupons, while convenient, more often than not remain sad on the counter when we need them (especially in times of alcohol need), happy hours become a vital source of weekend happiness.

Here’s a few around town. Keep a list where your cash used to be in your wallet.

Baker Street Pub

1729 18th St.


The Deals: On Monday through Saturday from 2-9 p.m., get $2 wells, $2.25 call drinks, $2.75 super call drinks, $1.75 domestic drafts, $2.50 select drafts and $7 pitchers. Sunday, that happy hour lasts all day (11 a.m. to 2 a.m.).

Why go: It’s a place to sit and relax that’s not your couch or lawn chairs. And while the latter spots have their merits, it’s good to join up with real people in the real world. Depending on the night, they’ve got live music so your ears don’t get left out — a quality way to drown out annoying friends or a significant other who’s rambling on about … who knows what. Plus, it’s not too far from the movies or mall, should that be your stop before or after.


2115 13th St.


The Deals: Monday through Friday 4:30 to 9 p.m., enjoy $1 wells and $2 you-call-its.

Why go: This nightlife columnist’s memory of this place recalls a groomsman being arrested at the entrance, and even with handcuffs attempting to sweet talk any woman who walked in. But that shouldn’t reflect on the bar, which is a nice side-step from the Pearl Street madness. Avoid the main fray and relish the discounted booze with a few friends at the many tables spread throughout the room.

Walnut Brewery

1123 Walnut St.


The Deals: From Monday through Friday 3-6 p.m. and 10 p.m. to close every day of the week, they’ve got $3 signature lagers and ales, $3 well cocktails and $4 wines.

Why go: Sometimes, the scantily-clad masses just aren’t what you’re looking for, nor are the lines and heels and drunken ass-grabbing. So while all those people hit the Walrus and Absinthe, go a few feet extra and enjoy a booth at Walnut Brewery. Their beer menu alone is worth the trip. Each one is seriously good until the last drop. It’s also a great way to ensure that your food consumption buffers your stomach from the drinking.

Sundown Saloon

1136 Pearl St.


The Deals: Friday and Saturday nights, enjoy $4 Redbull Vodkas and $1 Kamikazi shots. Every day, knock back $3 well drinks and $6 PBR pitchers.

Why go: You have to enjoy the dive-bar feel, or the cramped, almost too-low ceiling may frighten you away at the Downer. But it’s almost comfortable in its chaos, and always good for a crowd. The pool tables and shuffleboard provide practical amusement, while the “worn-in” tables and a bag of quarters can lead to additional, seated fun. It’s a fun atmosphere, whether you’re looking for excitement or friend time.

The Sink

1165 13th St.


The Deals: On Monday, try your luck with a coin toss and snag a 25-cent shot. Tuesday’s game night has $8 pitchers. Friday night, get 2-for-1 wells and select drafts.

Why go: The deeper you go, the more frenzied it feels. (Man, that’s just asking for a “that’s what she said” joke.) Signatures cover the walls, murals from decades back stare back at you, whether you’re there for their kick-ass menu or for slurp-tastic drinks. One of the oldest bars in Boulder, this place has history, and it’s a must-go-to.

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