Cold War Kids will play a free show in Denver’s City Park on Saturday.

When asked about my heritage, I should say Mexican.

Aside from my glowing Irish skin and my strawberry-blond hair, I could pull it off. (Don’t mind the column mug, I dye this mop, much to my mother’s chagrin.)

However, my siblings and I will put nearly everything in a tortilla. My older brother uses spaghetti, my younger brother makes kale burritos, my younger sister stuffs ’em with fancy homemade saffron rice and such (her husband’s an Aspen chef, who was just on the Cooking Channel, yeah!) and my youngest sister makes guacamole burritos with guacamole on the side, covered in guacamole. I’ve put nearly every edible thing in a tortilla, including minestrone soup. That was a drunken, messy mistake.

We grew up with a mom who made burritos often. She would plop a vast array of stuffing on a lazy Susan (food turntable, laymen) in the middle of our dining table. My husband grills every night and often makes fresh fire-roasted salsa for me because he knows that whatever he’s grilling, I’ll put in a tortilla.

Maybe hailing from Southern California has something to do with it — but I think it’s that burritos are bee’s knees wrapped in a cat’s meow.

Burritos will be aplenty in Denver’s City Park (17th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard), on Saturday for Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival from 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. (


Guess what goes better with burritos? (Besides burritos.) A free Cold War Kids show. HOLY SHIT.

My non-Mexican head is going to explode. (Went to see Cold War Kids at the Fox in Boulder two Halloween weekends ago after getting hitched to Husband at Denver’s municipal building. Aw. Get a room.)

Since the burrito chain is based in Denver, the festival is making the Mile High City one of three stops. This food and music fest will include cooking demonstrations by celebrity TV chefs — including Amanda Freitag from “Chopped,” Scott Parker, of Denver’s Table 6, Richard Blais from “Top Chef All-Stars,” two head chefs from Chipotle and notably, Boulder’s Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, executive chef and co-owner of Pearl Street’s Frasca.

Aside from on-site food demos, there will be local food artisans, farmers, sustainable ingredient talks (including one with Longmont’s Oskar Blues Hops and Heifers farm), food sampling and a brewer’s hall.

Music lineup: California’s Cold War Kids, Portland’s Blitzen Trapper, Washington soul crooner Allen Stone, Philly’s Good Old War, Denver’s own Air Dubai and Chipotle’s in-house soundtrack music-maker, Chris Golub.

It’s free. It’s Mexican food. It’s burritos. It’s sustainable.

It’s burritos! Move your ass.


Color run

Since you fit lovelies like to go running and such (CDC just released a report having Colorado as the lowest obesity rate, so we’re better than everyone else), now you can get sweaty, huffy and puffy while a rainbow punches you in the face.

Sort of.

Saturday morning at 9, the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, 8500 W. Deer Creek Canyon Rd., Littleton, is hosting the Color Me Rad 5K, where runners get showered with a different color of powder at each kilometer. (

Littleton is a bit further south, but the scenery is gorgeous and like I said — you Boulderites enjoy them runs. (I’ll be running to the bar.)

The first heat starts at 9 a.m. and continues every 30 minutes until 11:30 a.m.

Don’t worry your little sustainable skinny asses, the colors are non-toxic and non-rash inducing, made from colored cornstarch. There’s a $50 entry fee.

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