Prince has a new single called “Breakfast Can Wait.” The accompanying art is a photo of Dave Chappelle, as Prince, holding a plate of pancakes. It is so, so incredible.

I use the word incredible because when I first learned about this, I didn’t believe it. There was just no way this wasn’t a joke that someone believed to be real. This happens with articles from The Onion all the time, and I was pretty sure that’s what was going on with “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Unless Prince is just screwing with us, that is not what’s going on. He is the original source for this story. Prank or not, the man has a sense of humor. I sincerely want this to be real. I need this to be real.

Anyway, it got me thinking about other musicians who could do something like this. (The SNL canon of impressions alone is a gold mine of this stuff — and sometimes a shithole of it, too.) For example:

Kanye / South Park

Of every artist I can pick, Kanye is the least likely to do this. Still, I want him to record a song based on the South Park episode that went after him. It doesn’t matter if it’s “Fish Dicks” or “Fish Sticks.” HudMo can get in there and make a beat that sounds aquatic — sonar-like bloops

Weird Al / Andy Samberg on SNL

Weird Al should parody Samberg’s impression of him. Or maybe Weird Al should do an Andy Samberg impression? Either way the layers of imitation would be confusing and weird, and probably great.

Sir Mix-A-Lot / The Simpsons

The man did a song called “Baby Likes Fat” for “Treehouse of Horror XVII.” Not sure if making the song a reality outside of The Simpsons would be funny or insensitive, but I’d like to own a copy.

Keith Richards / Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Depp admitted that he uses Keith Richards as inspiration for the character. Richards should do a solo single and slap Sparrow on the cover. He already appeared in the movie as Sparrow’s dad. DO IT KEITH FOR THE LOVE OF CTHULHU.

There are so, so many more. If you’re feeling inspired and/or bored, photoshop some for me @AshaleyJill.

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