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Denver natives Bass Physics will help open CU-Boulder’s Welcomefest 2013 on Saturday at Farrand Field.

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What: Welcomefest

When: 5:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: Farrand Field, CU-Boulder campus

Cost: Free with BuffOne Card

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Bass Physics only released a debut LP a few months ago, but they’ll have a chance to share that with the enormous crowd at CU-Boulder’s Welcomefest on Saturday.

Luke “DataBass” Sims and A.P. “Applied Physics” Adair started working together in the summer of 2012, recording live guitar and keys over electronic beats. By the spring of 2013, they were releasing Lose Your Mind. Now, they’re reading an EP for this fall.

We caught up with the duo (and for one comment, their manager Tyler Fey) to talk about the music and excitement of Welcomefest.

So, you’re both Colorado natives?

Luke Sims: Yes.

Both from Denver?

LS: Denver, that’s right.

That makes you THE local act at Welcomefest, so that’s cool.

LS: Yeah, we’re super excited about it.

A.P. Adair: Yeah it’s really, really cool actually. It’s a blessing for sure. We can’t believe we got that that far in this short time.

You met in high school — how long ago was that?

LS: We met in 2010 and we graduated in 2011.

And you started Bass Physics then?

LS: Well, actually, what happened was, I was going out to school at Iowa State and I was working on a project and I didn’t know what to do with it. A.P. and I were both making music. A.P. was in funk band. I was stuck on the project and didn’t know what to do with it, and when I came home, I hit A.P. up and said, ‘Hey, let’s collaborate just for fun.’ I gave him a rough draft and he had it done in one night, staying up ’til 5 a.m. working on it. We decided we wanted to try and make an album of it. That was “Loco,” by the way. Our very first track.

AA: That was the summer of 2012, after our freshman year of college.

It wasn’t long before you released your debut album this spring, then. Tell me about record.

LS: It was an 11-track album, Lose Your Mind.

AP: We kind of have a system down to it now. Either one of us will start a track and get an idea going in our head. Once we wanna pass it over to each other, we’ll file transfer it. We’ll trade off between Iowa and Colorado. Once we have a song that’s structurally where we want it to be, we’ll get together in the same place and produce it. That’s really how Lose Your Mind was made. We were just sending files back and forth.

Does that make it hard, not being in the same place?

LS: I came home for the summer and we were able to get a lot of work done in the same spot. That’s what the summer was all about. It was pretty crucial, getting things rolling and getting things in done the studio. I’m planning on coming back in the summer and going to Colorado State. I just applied. That’s basically the plan, to get me back there.

Electronics with live instrumentation has become a thing around here. How do you distinguish yourselves?

AA: I think a lot of that is just paying attention to what’s going on and what other artists are doing, and taking note of how you can improve on that and put your own touch on that, and for us that comes down to including a lot of live guitar and piano, and Luke’s working on some violin. We’re just keeping it as involved as possible on stage and keeping the crowd excited.

LS: We’re constantly trying to evolve our live set and make a bigger step each and every time.

Tyler Fey: As their manager, I can say they’re adamant about never playing a set twice.

So are you excited for Welcomefest? That’s a huge crowd.

AA: There’s gonna be a lot of people there. We’re super stoked.

LS: The whole experience of school getting back in session and having this big concert before it starts — that’s what we’re excited about, that kind of atmosphere.

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