Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan

It’s no secret that social media is totally my jam. It plays a huge role in my work and is a big part of my social life, too. So natch, I have some pretty strong opinions on the best accounts to follow. CU’s various programs and departments have done a great job of using social media to keep students engaged and informed… some will even help you score free stuff!

CU Instagram

We all know CU’s campus is absolutely gorgeous. But slap a few filters on to an already amazing shot, and you have yourself some mind-blowing pics of this heaven-on-earth. The official account, @cuboulder, provides stunning snaps, “Postcards from CU,” explanations of what goes on in some of the lesser-known campus buildings like the University Club, and inspirational encouragements to students heading to class on a Monday.

I love learning about CU’s history… maybe they can start to get in on a little Throwback Thursday action?

CU Buffs Twitter

Into sports at CU? @cubuffs on Twitter’s got your back. The official account posts everything from game previews to score updates. While football definitely gets top billing, they also post about other seasonal sports, like soccer. And if you know your stuff, you can win awesome prizes — they do Twitter Trivia and on-campus contests, with clues posted on their account.

Women’s Resource Center Facebook

My feminist heart flutters whenever I get to talk about the Women’s Resource Center, or the W.

It’s an awesome place on campus for people to relax, talk and grab everything from tea to condoms. The center provides a great community for CU students and staff, which definitely carries over to its Facebook page. The W often posts links to thought-provoking articles and encourages discussion in the comments.

I wouldn’t have known about half the great things happening around town if it weren’t for their event updates, and they share updates from other campus organizations. And seem to always know about which events will help you score some free grub along with your fun.

CU NightRide Facebook

Whether you’re a nerd who likes to rage on Pearl Street or one who stays at Norlin ’til the wee hours of the morning, you know the usefulness of NightRide in your life. You also know the sense of despair that washes over you when you hear that they’re closed for the night due to holidays or bad weather.

The NightRide staff works hard to update their Facebook whenever they’re closed unexpectedly — or when they’re taking the weekend off. And if you pay enough attention, sometimes you’ll be able to tell whether they’re busy, making you more likely to get through to the dispatcher.

CU Book Store Pinterest

The CU Book Store is usually seen as someplace limited to prospective students, the first weeks of the semester and buying Blue Books. But the Book Store’s actually done a great job of using Pinterest to showcase all the awesome CU swag they have available, and they even have pinboards dedicated to all the amazingness CU has to offer — from scenery to history and buffalo jokes.

Plus, the site occasionally does giveaways based off your “CU Book Store wish list” pinboards.

Jessica Ryan is a community manager and CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily.