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The musical history of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood is well-known, even though the cultural significance of places like the Rossonian Hotel has faded. With the name of the once-popular hotspot for their band name, Seth Evans, Kramer Kelling and Scott Roush obviously have that history in mind. The band just finished up its debut EP, You Are Your Own Dentist, which you can hear for free at and pick up a hard copy of at the Deer Pile on Sept. 28.

Let’s start with the EP. It’s pretty musically varied for just five tracks.

Seth Evans: Yes, it is. I think we kinda didn’t necessarily approach writing and arranging those songs with any particular stylistic ideas in mind, and kinda just let it go, and it started forming into something. We say that we play indie pop and rock, and you’re right, it’s pretty eclectic.

Is it just your inclination to mix things up a lot, or were you sort of trying things on for size?

Kramer Kelling: It’s more just what we did, more than a conscious thing. The song that sticks out that’s possibly the most drastically different is the acoustic sounding one, “Ticklish.” That song started out as something for a different project that Seth was getting together. Then I was getting back into town from doing a different thing and he asked me to come over and record bass on it, and we just started working on it and it came together that way.

I think, as far as the other stuff goes, I think we just have a lot of things that we like aesthetically. We’re trying to somehow satisfy some of those things.

SE: There’s certainly a lot of experimentation going on in those things, as far as arrangement. Like Kramer said, I had some of those songs that I wrote before we had the band, and the band formed around the recording and producing of those tracks. The band is certainly a collaborative effort in writing and arranging and producing. We record everything at my house and spent a quite a good deal of time on all of those songs — experimenting with different techniques and instruments — and there’s a good deal of vocal work that went into it.

Your name ties you pretty strongly to your neighborhood. Is Five Points’ history something you have in mind when you’re writing?

SE: That’s a big part of why we chose that name. We don’t live together but we all live within blocks of the Rossonian Hotel. While we’re not necessarily looking back to the jazz music of the greats that played there, we do like to consider ourselves as tapping into American musical history, which jazz is a huge part of.

So what’s next for the band?

SE: I’m staring at the box of the EPs right now that I’m starting to hand out to friends and press. We have the CD release show on the 28th at the Deer Pile. It’s above City O’ City … It’s kind of a DIY art gallery… It’s real small and it has a bunch of pictures of deer banging each other.

KK: Musically, on the horizon, we have a slew of other things on the way, some that are farther along than others. We’re looking to increase the pace at which we can release music that we still feel as at the quality we can all feel good about. That can be a tough thing to do — that’s the point that we’re at. We have things that are close to being done and some things that are not.

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