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  • "Glowing Tracks" is part of the first round of photos...

    Dana Bove / Photography for a Change

    "Glowing Tracks" is part of the first round of photos in Photography for a Change.

  • Bryce Bradford's "Gnarl" is one of the images in Photography...

    Bryce Bradford / Photography for a Change

    Bryce Bradford's "Gnarl" is one of the images in Photography for a Change, which benefits Boulder Bridge House and Western Resource Advocates.



Online show

Go to to see the show.

Four photographers are combining a passion for photography and the environment to support two local non-profit organizations.

Boulder photographer Dana Bove came up with the idea for Photography for a Change, an online project where viewers can see and purchase fine art. All proceeds go to support Boulder Bridge House, which provides support for Boulder’s homeless community, and Western Resource Advocates, a conservation organization.

“I do this as a passion,” says Bove, a retired research geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Bove’s inspiration for the show comes straight from home — he lives on Shannahan Ridge.

“That’s where so much of my personal inspiration originates — in the open space around us,” he says.

Bove reached out to his friend, Dan Baumbach, a computer programmer who says photography is like a second profession to him, to start the project.

“I’m always happy to help the environment,” said Baumbach, whose favorite place to take photographs is in the high country.

Currently, one other local photographer, Bryce Bradford, is in the showcase. The team reached also out to include a guest photographer from San Diego, Lee Sie.

The initial goal was to go live with an online show, but Bove is looking to expand and bring other non-profit organizations onto the site, as well as find a place to show photos in person.

“We are looking at a possibility of an offline presence,” says Bove. “We’re getting in touch with other organizations that can give us space to hang up work.”

The online show officially opened Sept. 3; organizers plan to have a new showcase featuring different photographers every two months.

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