On-air next: Oneohtrix Point Never, Brendan Canning, Au Revoir Simone

As always, midterm season has swooped in like an unwanted sickness, leaving everyone’s sanity and social lives in ruins for the next couple weeks. If studying is making you tense, wind down with some of the excellent fall releases spinning here at 1190.

Daniel Lopatin has been making gorgeous synthesizer tones for only a handful of years, and yet his career as Oneohtrix Point Never has taken more left turns than most bands do in their lifetime. His new release R Plus Seven is no exception, and finds our mad genius mixing distorted MIDI sounds, church organs and a plethora of other sounds into something resembling a petrified version of New Age music. It’s dabbles equally in the heavenly and the disturbing and proves once again that Lopatin’s restless mind is nowhere near out of ideas yet.

Broken Social Scene standard Brendan Canning has released his new solo album, You Gots 2 Chill, which despite it’s ludicrous name contains the kind of splendid, lush pop music we’ve come to expect from the prolific artist. Jumping from acoustic fingerpicking sessions to orchestral chamber pop to whatever else Canning wraps his brain around, You Gots 2 Chill is an undeniably pretty soundtrack for autumn.

Featuring a member from none other than Boulder, Au Revoir Simone has awakened from their extended hibernation to release Move In Spectrums, their fullest sounding LP yet. Produced by Ariel Pink collaborator Jorge Elbrecht, Move In Spectrums takes the groups breezy style of three-keyboard pop to more groovy, beat-oriented territory, without losing the innocent vibe the group has curated over the years. After seemingly taking a break from the music game, it’s good to see the girls coming back with a mission.

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