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Second Story Garage: Rossonian
Second Story Garage: Rossonian

Seth Evans, Kramer Kelling and Scott Roush named their band Rossonian, after a hotel from Five Points’ musical past, a contrast to their potential as the Denver neighborhood’s music future.

The relatively new band released its EP, You Are Your Own Dentist, with a party at the Deer Pile on Sept. 28. (The guys told Ashley in their interview that the small DIY space above City O’ City features pictures of deer, um, piling on each other.)

The handful of songs collected on the EP demonstrate a varied palate, which the band displayed in the studio when they performed “Love Clutch,” “Shooting Star” and “Late Kids.” The latter doesn’t appear on the EP, so we’ve got the first recorded version of the track.

What they brought us: A poster and a giant New Kids on the Block button on which they wrote “The Ross.”

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