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  • Christy Fantz

    Christy Fantz

  • I don't know if you heard them counting. They did...

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    I don't know if you heard them counting. They did over a thousand curls. It's boring, but it's their life. Head to Denver's Oktoberfest this weekend.



I’m more of a whiskey/boxed-wine broad, but Octoberfest’s significance began for me in college when my sister studied abroad in Austria for a year. She went to Oktoberfest in Munich and stealthfully jacked six original dimpled glass beer steins from Germany’s Hofbrauhaus in her backpack, gifting me one. (They weigh 347 pounds each. It’s a scientific fact.)

Anyway, Denver’s Oktoberfest is still rolling from last weekend with block-party festivities between the blocks of 20th and Larimer Street in Denver.

There will be the usual Bavarian polka tunes, chicken dances, food, bier, music, as well as the Stein Hoisting National Championships. Stein hoisting features male and female contestants holding two full 1.5 liter steins with their arms straight out.

Who can do it the longest? Who knows. It’s a deep burn.

But the winner gets an all-expense paid trip to Boston for two, thanks to Sam Adams. Neato, gang.

Also on tap this weekend at the fest: On Saturday, let’s shove fat weiners in our mouths during the bratwurst eating contest and on Sunday is the Long Dog Derby (awww, weiner doggies.)

Let’s get pissed! (I guess that’s British.) Fine. Prost!


The power of Christ compels you!

The best month of the year is scaring our pants off early.

This weekend, the Alamo Drafthouse, 7301 South Santa Fe Dr., Littleton, is hosting the Mile High Horror Film Festival. (Yes, it’s a bit west, but shhh, wait till you see who will be there.)

The Drafthouse (a movie theater with booze and food) will feature not only 50 horror films from around the world, but also celebrities, filmmakers and artists.

Check out this lineup:

Linda Blair: the possessed child, Regan, in “The Exorcist.”

Doug Bradley: Pinhead from “Hellraiser.”

Ken Foree: Peter from “Dawn of the Dead.”

Jeffrey Reddick: writer and Creator of the “Final Destination” series.

The Enigma: that crazy contortionist sideshow performer who is covered in tattoos and has horn implants.

There are so many more panelists, famous horror makeup artists, actors and more, it’s crazy. Check out for the full lineup.

Beers for years

Not that you don’t have enough beer events to attend…

Suck it up, it’s almost the Great American Beer Festival, which has become one of Denver’s finest holidays.

It’s not this weekend and it’s sold out.

But, instead of crying into your extra-hopped special-reserved IPA, Denver will be celebrating the event far in advance — from this weekend, up until the boozy start of GABF, with Denver Beer Fest, as the town calls it. (Can you guys stock up on GasX, please? I can smell you already.)

Since Boulder resident beer guy Tom Wilmes will informed you of a slew of solid drink-tivities on page 22, I’ll let you peruse his column as well as and check out the multitude of festivities that may strike your pantsy’s fancy.

(Your toilet is going to fight you after next weekend. Mix some whiskey in with those suds. Your belly will say “word up, muthafucka.” Or something like that.)


Sugar, skulls and everything soul

First Fridays around the globe offer us laymen a chance to peruse studios, admire talent and then go home crying like a pack of chupacabras because we wish we were talented.

We can be! Use this first Friday as a chance to make your very own work of art.

Evb Studio, 4343 W. 44th Ave., Denver, is hosting a minishop this weekend where we, the people, can make our very own sugar skulls.

Stop by the gallery between 6-9 p.m. on Friday and you can create your own skull. For $10 you get a clay skull and materials, spend a some time on your masterpiece, then your work of art will be ready to pick up in three weeks.

Info: Friday at 6 p.m.;; $10

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