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Jeff Crosby.
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Jeff Crosby.

If you go

What: Jeff Crosby & The Refugees (

with Jerry Joseph and The Jackmormons)

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder, 303-447-0095

Cost: $10-$12

More info:

Jeff Crosby & The Refugees were on the road with Jerry Joseph and The Jackmormons for a while this summer, warming up audiences with their lovely blend of folk and Americana. They’re getting back to it this fall and headed to Boulder for a Friday night show at the Fox. We called up Crosby — who was in Boise, Idaho, “his old stomping grounds” — to talk about the tour and his latest EP.

You’ve been touring with Jerry Joseph and The Jackmormons, and I just saw some very kind words from him on your website. Seems like a match made in heaven.

We did all of the South and the East Coast with him back in June — that’s when we came up with the idea of being his backing band and doing this Bob Dylan-style thing. I’ve been friends with Jerry for a while now and he’s a great songwriter … He’s always been kind of a hero of mine, and we got connected through mutual friends in Salt Lake City when I was making a record down there. I got the opportunity to open for him solo on this mountain circuit. Finally, he sat and watched my whole set and he came up afterward and said, “Are those are your songs?” And I said, “Yeah, those are mine,” and he said, “Holy shit.” We’ve been buddies ever since.

Got any good tour stories to share?

Being in the South, and he has these crazy fans, a lot of Widespread Panic people. It’s really funny, those songs are great — I don’t think they’re his best, but they’re great — and people are screaming for them. I guess that was the funniest part of touring in the South and you get all these Panic fans screaming about it right in front the entire time. He was getting pretty annoyed … I’m pretty surprised. Jerry has a fire inside. I wouldn’t want to fuck with him.

So tell me about the Silent Conversations EP.

That EP we recorded in a cabin here in Idaho where I grew up … A lot of the songs were what I dug out of my journal from travelling. The last five years or so I’d been going down to South America and spending a month or two in winter and spring. My last trip was to Colombia, and I had really wild experiences. Four of five tracks on the EP, I wrote while I was there. It really got me into this mindset of thinking of where I was from and my family. I had just moved to Los Angeles. It’s cool for me to look back, because I listen and I see riding the bus through Medellin, and also packing up and going to Los Angeles. It brings this wild movie to my head. I guess the theme is leaving home and reinventing yourself.

It sounds like the title track has a nice story behind it.

There’s this little town, this little, little place that kind of remind me of my home town. It’s called Salento. We’d ridden horses for the whole day. I could barely sit from riding a horse for five hours. My ass was literally bruised … So I was hanging out in this courtyard and it starts pouring rain like you wouldn’t believe … So I’m writing in my notebook and I hear the storm hit and it drenches me in a minute. So I run to this church and there’s people in the doorway and I’m huddled in this little spot. The setting was perfect. It was one of those moments when the light went on and I had the pen and paper and the ink was smearing. I just wrote some thoughts down and wrote “Silent Conversations” … It’s a special song to me and that’s why it became the title track.

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