Lucius’ 2012 self-titled EP was a major tease, but finally the debut full-length is here. Don’t choke on your bubble gum.

Wildewoman is just what you hope for from the Brooklyn quintet. It’s girl-group pop with an injection of soul and the magic touch of a modern studio. It’s a catchy formula, executed instrumentally by Peter Lalish, Andy Burri and Danny Molad. When you add the beautifully harmonized vocals of Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, it’s pretty irresistible.

The group is showing off a wide range of styles, and the variation in volume and tempo is nice, even if it can make the pacing a little weird. There’s the “Landslide” feel of the plaintive acoustic guitar of “Two of Us on the Run” and the aggressive stomp of “Turn It Around.” The real curveball is “Monsters,” which sounds like it’s being played through a gramophone in the background of a Tim Burton movie — and somehow you still take it seriously. The title track opens the album on a vaguely folksy note, while “Go Home” sounds like a bluesy hymn. Still, Lucius shines most when it’s upbeat and soulful — qualities at their best on “Hey, Doreen.”

If girl group revival hasn’t bored you yet, you’re going to love this. If you are tired of it, no one can really blame you, but Wildewoman is well worth the listen, anyway. Lucius is twisting the pop traditions into something that, while still quite familiar, sounds new.