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"Drinking Buddies" is playing at The Dairy this weekend.
“Drinking Buddies” is playing at The Dairy this weekend.

Well, 26 has officially struck one of our group-mates.

Poor guy. Closer to 30 than 20 (and unable to forget it, thanks to me). But while he requested a night of drinking, smoking cigars and yelling at people from a balcony to celebrate, we ultimately figured a night out with friends may be a bit more fun (and less codger-y).

So a couple layers of eye makeup and liquor store stops later, we were ready. We had assembled “the group,” AKA: the boozers and best friends any gal could ask for.

First stop: Half Fast. Duh. What responsible night of boozing doesn’t start with a giant cup of liquor? Then came beer pong (because we’re poor and rely on amped-up pre-gaming to get to the buzz) and vodka-soaked gummy bears that packed a wee bit more of a punch than I intended.

Helpful hint: Monitor the consumption of “vodka gushers” carefully to minimize ass-slapping and clothing removal. Unless you’re into that sort of thing …

Don’t worry, we got our aging asses out to the Downer, where we skillfully hovered in hopes of a table, downing PBR and photo-bombing our own photos with pitchers to the face. It all ended with more beer pong and Nintendo 64 Mario Kart, men passed out on the floor and the women cleaning the kitchen.

Moral of the story: We’re old. But also, it’s crucial to have that group that’ll do all the dumb things with. I feel sorry for those that don’t have peeps to wake up with the next morning wondering, “Why do we keep making bad choices?”

And in honor of my “best boozin’ buds,” I found an event at The Dairy (2590 Walnut St.) that celebrates the importance of beer and friends and iffy decisions.

From Friday ’til next Thursday, they’re showing “Drinking Buddies,” a film about two couples intertwined by a love of beer and each other, sorting out friendship vs. bow-chica-wow-wow pals. Nothing mainstream, but definitely worth a few hours this weekend. Check it out at

Before you hit the movies, though, you should take your own collection of mismatched mates and hit up Boulder Beer (2880 Wilderness Place). They’re tapping into their Never Summer Ale with $3.50 pints from 4 p.m. to close and a frozen T-shirt contest. They’ll even drop $.50 if you come from 4 to 7 p.m.

Slurp it up and get in early on this year’s batch.

Of course, you’re probably still recovering from your Great American brew fest days, with your liver and stomach both protesting your very existence all week.

Fair enough.

Go do something good, not just for you, but for this beautiful area we call home.

Voodoo Hair Lounge (1537 Pearl St.) is hosting a flood benefit this Saturday, and it’s loaded with great music from Paul Kimbiris, Ben Hanna (and Friends) and The Goonies all day. Food from the folks from Lyons Fork Restaurant and drinks from Avery Brewing and Spirit Hound Distillers (duh there’s alcohol … it’s me) should help keep the party rolling.

Oh, and they’ve got a silent auction that’ll benefit the cleanup efforts post-flooding.

All of this will help rebuild, and the sooner this happens, the sooner we can all go back to our shenanigan-filled selves. So check it out.

So FATE Brewing (1600 38th St) tapped their Fresh Hopped India Pale Lager on Wednesday, and with any luck there may be some left. Cascade hops and a delightfully relaxing 6 percent ABV. Don’t worry, though. Even if it’s gone, you’ll still have their whole foamy menu to choose from.

The Buffaloes are playing this weekend, and that means you can black ‘n’ gold it out at the Pearl Street Stampede if you feel school-spirited this Friday. All that CU pride hits the streets at 7 p.m.

And since I seem to neglect mentioning them, The Goose (1301 Broadway) has its own CU game-day deals. Head over for specials on draft beers and well drinks, and even more goods when the Buffs score. has details, or really, just go and find out yourself.

I’m a nerd, and we know it, so me suggesting you go to Color Me Mine (1938 Pearl St.) on Thursday night shouldn’t be a surprise. But here’s why: It’s ladies wine night (aka: every night for my friend and I) from 5 to 9 p.m. So sip away, paint all the things and memorialize the drunken scribblings when you pick it up a week later.

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