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Something to know about me: I love brains. This summer we presented to the Board of Regents a proposal for a new degree in neuroscience at CU-Boulder. It passed! This is a great boon for current and future brain-lovers and I am so thankful to everyone, especially Dr. Jerry Rudy, who made this happen.

Also: I’m a nerd. This fall I have been working to design an honor’s thesis program for the new B.A. in computer science. I wanted to broaden research opportunities for fellow students, so the plan allows for translating research into practice by building creative and service-oriented projects. I think this model could be used in other fields across campus to support students who have career plans outside of traditional lab research.

During the flood, my focus was on communicating to faculty and admin the need for flexibility with regards to assignment and exam requirements. They were quick to respond and I saw a lot of support around campus. But the semester isn’t over — many students are still displaced and we’ve all been affected by the stress of the event. I will work to make sure we have flexibility through final exams and let’s all keep helping each other through. Shoulder to shoulder!

I’m also really concerned about post-flood rent gouging. We’ve already seen housing prices rise, and in addition to making Boulder an even less-inclusive city, these increases have a negative impact on student success. I want all students to be able to take internships, do research, focus on school, and give back to the community — not just those who can afford to do so. I’m looking for ways we can address this issue so let me know if you can help!

Finally, I want to increase the impact of student groups as involvement is a powerful way to contribute to our campus and gain professional experience. Right now, many groups struggle to advertise their events and recruit students, especially because the website interface is so difficult to update and maintain. I’m working with OIT and the Google Ambassador for CU to develop an easier platform using Google Apps so that student leaders can easily post accessible content.

Thus far, it’s been a pleasure. Reach out to me if you need my help or have an idea for our school. Go Buffs!

Layne Jackson Hubbard is the CUSG Director of Academic Affairs. Contact her at