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Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The greatest holiday ever — Halloween — is a little over a week away, and I am in full-blown prep mode. Halloween is the best holiday for nerds. We get to exercise our creativity, use our imaginations, have the bejesus scared out of us and go a lil’ crazy trying every pumpkin beer in existence.

Not quite in the Halloween spirit yet? It’s time to change that. Here are some of the best, nerdiest ways to get yourself stoked on Halloween.

If you haven’t yet experienced the awesomeness that is “Welcome to Night Vale,” prepare to have your mind blown. The online sci-fi series follows the format of a community radio news show with a spooky twist. Night Vale is a dystopian desert community full of bizarre happenings that’ll make your skin crawl. The series isn’t Halloween-specific, but it’s definitely made me more and more excited for the holiday. When you aren’t being sufficiently weirded out by the glow cloud, Night Vale will deliver motivational messages to keep your day going…and some lines that’ll give you an existential crisis.

And obviously, you’ll have to get yourself a properly nerdy costume. Of course, if you haven’t been preparing already you don’t have much time to get the most epic of costumes together — the best cosplays take months. Need some inspiration? Pinterest is full of costume boards, and their search algorithm’s improved quite a bit. Another great resource? The Disneybound blog on Tumblr. It shows how you can use normal clothes you probably already have around the house to create a Disney-inspired costume. They’ve even posted some “rulebreakers” that go beyond the Disney theme.

Once you’ve got your costume figured out, take it on a test run at the Boulder Mall Crawl this Saturday night. The legendary “spontaneous” gathering is a fun way for everyone to show off their work on Pearl and check out each other’s costumes, then hit the bars for some scary cocktails (zombie brain shots, anyone?)

Make sure your abode is in the spirit, too. Head out to the pumpkin patch and score yourself a gourd. Pick a fabulously nerdy or spirited design for decorating your pumpkin — carve it for your porch, or paint it. Your favorite molecule, a scary character’s face, or the Death Star are all awesome ideas for the artistic nerd.

Halloween is a nerd’s chance to show excitement over his or her favorite things, from shows to games and movies. Take advantage of this next “Halloweek” and treat yo’self to some spooky fun.

Jessica Ryan is a community manager and CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.


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