If you haven’t yet voted, please vote YES on 2H.

Voting YES on 2H will keep oil and gas development — drilling and fracking — from happening in the City of Boulder and on our Open Space for five years, till June 2018.

The more we learn about the oil and gas industry’s new slickwater horizontal fracturing technique — which according to Business Insider injects chemicals, sand and millions of gallons of fresh water under extremely high pressure to force open fractures in shale and extract the hydrocarbons — the more we observe that current practices are not safe for people nor the environment.

And the more we allow this desperate effort to extract the hardest-to-reach hydrocarbons to continue, with a pathetic ratio of energy invested to energy returned at one to three — making natural gas a very poor investment ( — the longer we prevent our society from creating a sustainable future based on renewable energy.

Because current state and federal regulations do not address human health concerns I support the YES vote on 2H for the following reasons:

– The industry is exempt from major provisions of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and four other major federal environmental laws intended to protect human health and the environment, according to an Earthworks report from Oil & Gas Accountability Project.

– Air quality monitoring is not required at well pads and leaks of toxic cancer-causing chemicals can occur for extended periods without detection or repair (source: Air Quality Control Commission guidelines)

– Oil and gas operations are the leading cause of ground-level ozone that endangers the health of children, older adults, those with lung and heart conditions, and even healthy people who exercise and work outside, according to the Colorado Independent

– Boulder County has been an Environmental Protection Act nonattainment ozone area since 2007 (per the EPA website)

– According to the state’s own data, available on the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission website (, industry reported on average one spill per day over the past five years

– A growing number of homeowners with wells near their residences tell us they can’t sell their property, according to a report in the Colorado Statesman

A loud, smelly, dangerous and accident-prone industrial process does not belong in residential areas, near homes, schools, parks, senior centers, or on our Open Space in Boulder County.

Please vote YES on the 2H Boulder ballot.

Neshama Abraham, Co-Chair, YES on 2H,


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