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Gamers play “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” one-on-one in a video game tournament at the University Memorial Center on Friday.

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University of Colorado students came together to compete in a virtual brawl on Friday.

The fighting happened on-screen, at the bi-weekly video game tournaments André Adams puts on at The Connection, a media and games room located in the University Memorial Center. Adams, manager of The Connections and an avid gamer, chooses the games and dates for the bi-weekly tournaments every semester — Friday’s game was Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros. Brawl.” The tournaments at The Connection serve as an underground place for gamers-in-the-know to gather, compete, share online profiles and make friends.

“I love the community that games create,” Adams said. “Different games bring different networks of people. The Nintendo gamers in general are some of the most passionate gamers around.”

Thirty students signed up to compete that week, which resulted in a packed room filled with hollers and whoops as teams of two fought it out on two large screens connected to two game consoles in the billiard’s area. Winners went on to the next round. The prizes were coupons and free Domino’s pizza.

CU freshman Shaharazad Thompson, who has been playing games since she was a child, was the only female competitor that night.

“I feel like to an extent, not much is expected of me, especially when it comes to competitive games like this,” Thompson said. “But if I win, then it makes it better.”

Thompson said it’s hard to find time to play video games while in college, but it’s still a fun and worthwhile hobby for her.

“It’s almost like a fun state of Zen,” she said. “Depending on the game, though — I can be very competitive.”

Chris Harmon, a sophomore at CU, had been playing games since he was three or four years old.

“Playing games is something to do if I wanted to relax,” Harmon said. “I don’t mean to be competitive, but I played this last year and I got out in the first or second round.”

“The ‘Brawl’ community are kind of fanatics,” Adams said. “They’re a special group of people.”

Players in the next video game tournament at The Connection will compete in “Halo 4” on Xbox 360 on Nov. 15.

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