Action Bronson / Party Supplies, “Blue Chips 2”

Action Bronson is back with another Party Supplies collaboration, but you could be forgiven for missing it. The man has a habit of just dropping these things with little warning, especially compared to the hype cycles that drive almost every other release

Blue Chips 2 sort of makes you wish Action Bronson and Party Supplies would just stick together forever. They’re fine apart. Bronson’s Saab Stories and Rare Chandeliers were solid. Party Supplies’ proper debut, Tough Love, was a lot of fun. But the first Blue Chips mixtape was Bronson’s best work since 2011’s Dr. Lecter and that has a lot to do with the sample-heavy beats from Party Supplies.

And, oh, the samples. They’ve got Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” backing “Amadu Diablo” and Champs’ “Tequila” plays pretty much untouched on “Pepe Lopez.” There’s more in the vein, not to mention some funk and soul. It’s a lighthearted touch, fun enough that you can sometimes forget the outlandish misogyny in Bronson’s lyrics. As always, he’s weirdly stacking the mouth-watering food references against the sleazy sex talk. That said, whether you’re revolted, hungry, amused, whatever, he pulls you right in. It doesn’t even always make sense, but he’s delivering it like it’s only natural. 

Really, it’s all completely ridiculous. Just like the first Blue Chips mixtape, everything feels kind of slapdash. “9-24-13” is delightfully similar to Blue Chips‘ “9-24-11,” complete with an old-timey chorus of ooo’s and the unedited freestyle full of trip-ups. Party Supplies’ beats can sometimes be great instrumental on their own, but other times, it sounds like they’re jumping around a playlist while Bronson raps. This is how they thrive, though. It’s magic.

It’s not unfair to wonder if Bronson needs Party Supplies to really be great — if he needs the jukebox production — but he’s so in the zone, it’s hard not to want in on the party.

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