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Merry Tuesday everybody, the end of this bountiful year in music is starting to draw to a close, meaning that “best-of” lists must be just around the corner! Stay tuned for 1190’s seasonal programming specials, including an all-black-themed Black Friday, Best of 2013 countdowns and a special holiday announcement!

Music lovers everywhere mourned the loss of Jason Molina earlier this year, and in memory of one of his finest efforts, Songs: Ohia’s The Magnolia Electric Co. is being reissued for its 10th anniversary. An album that helped transition Molina’s isolated, lonesome style into a more wide open appreciation of Americana, The Magnolia Electric Co. is a terrific place to start the dive into Molina’s prolific, significant discography.

Hailing from the UK, PSAPP’s brand of toybox electronica brings a lot of disparate sounds to mind while still sounding distinctly unique. Using found sounds in a manner not dissimilar to the Books, What Makes Us Glow is a bright, upbeat work of offbeat electronic music that’s undeniably delightful.

Leyland Kirby has been recording music under various monikers for some time now (most notably The Caretaker) but his new album as The Stranger may be one of his most accessible works yet. Watching Dead Empires in Decay maintains the crackly, sample-based style of Kirby’s previous work but incorporates more percussion as to move away from the ambient trappings of his previous work. The album has a primal, ritualistic feel, with industrial overtones that are still lush enough to sound relaxed and haunting all at once.

Other additions include:

Glass Animals, s/t

Tennis, Small Sound

Maybird, Down & Under

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