Sky Ferreira, “Night Time, My Time” (Courtesy)

Night Time, My Time opens in a perfectly Sky Ferreira way, as she croons “Boys, they’re dime a dozen, / Boys they doin nothin / For me any longer,” over a buzzy, pulsing drone.

“Boys” goes on to complain about the title material in an “Everything’s Embarrassing” kind of way, with the conflicting chorus line, “You put my faith back in boys.” It’s the first sign that Ferreira stuck with the sound everyone was probably hoping she’d pick, that noisy-but-glam pop thing. Her 2012 EP, Ghost, was a mixed bag that offered up some quieter, prettier music that was good, but not as interesting as the messier stuff.

Night Time, My Time has a layer of fog hanging over it. The production is unceasingly fuzzy and her vocals are often covered in a haze of effects. Without the static and distortion, the record could very well be pure pop candy. OK, maybe not quite. When she’s singing about “Japanese Jesus” and “gearing up for Japanese Christmas” on “Omanko,” it’s probably too odd for a mainstream starlet. But when her voice is allowed to ring through clearly, it’s clear why a label might have had different ideas for a 15-year-old Ferreira.

Speaking of that — the depressed content of “Nobody Asked Me (If I Was OK)” and “I Blame Myself” are unsurprising considering her struggles in the music industry so far, battling with record labels and, more recently, a drug arrest blown out of proportion. She doesn’t stay too serious, though, which is nice. There are plenty of love(sick) songs that run the gamut, from the pummeling “Heavy Metal Heart” to shinier pop of “Love In Stereo.” It’s maybe not enough variation, though. Overall, the album runs at about the same pace throughout.

Remember Ferreira’s cameo in Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young” video? The attitude she embodied is what we get from the glamorous, angry, gritty pop of Night Time, My Time — the beautiful, popular girl in school who chopped off her hair, bought a leather jacket and, still blowing bubbles with her gum, sits through a party looking bored.

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