On-air next: Cate Le Bon, Mount Eerie, The Soil & the Sun

This is it! The final month of school has descended upon us seemingly out of nowhere! That means it’s time to take a week off to get fat and then prepare for those final papers we’ve been putting off so long. Not to worry, in these times of academic and caloric stress, 1190’s got your back with some wonderful late-year releases.

Back with her signature mix of autumnal chord progressions and warbly guitars, Cate Le Bon‘s new Mug Museum is a wonderful album to help fight off the snow for just a bit longer. The Welsh singer-songwriter’s style is reminiscent of a slightly gauzier Pavement -— highly confessional, yet sung beneath a cradle of warm guitar sounds.

Phil Elverum’s work as Mount Eerie has been pretty relentless. Though he didn’t release any real follow-ups this year to last year’s Ocean Roar and Clear Moon, he still found a way to reissue the entire Microphones’ catalogue, and now has released Pre-Human Ideas, a collection of GarageBand tracks for his backing band to rehearse with on their 2013 tour. Though certainly a bit obscure, there’s something to be said for hearing Elverum’s fragile, autotuned voice singing over fragile, synthesized versions of Mount Eerie tracks.

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Mich., The Soil & The Sun have found a refreshingly organic approach to folk on their sophomore release, What Wonder Is This Universe. Though they do incorporate electronics into their music, they do so with such restraint and such an ear for arrangements that the album still sounds like a baroque, orchestral piece born from this earth.

Other additions include:

Cut Copy, Free Your Mind

Blurry, Lulls

Grizzly Bear, Shields: B-Sides

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