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On-air next: Melt-Banana, The Entrance Band, I Am The Center
On-air next: Melt-Banana, The Entrance Band, I Am The Center

Merry Thanksgiving my children, hope everyone’s bundled up in their respective homes preparing for the merciless amount of food we’re about to collectively consume. Of course as usual the first day of break is when my body decided to get sick, but that won’t stop me from abusing it any further. Stay tuned for 1190’s all-black-themed Black Friday programming, and listen to these musical treats while you chow down this week!

Light In The Attic Records has made a career out of unearthing forgotten gems of the past, but their new compilation I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music in America 1950-1990 may be one of the most revelatory collections of music released this year. Exploring a time before new age music had become associated with elevators and yoga studios, I Am The Center is a tranquil, psychedelic journey that presents new age as the direct predecessor to modern ambient music. No matter your feelings on the oft-parodied genre, I Am The Center is an eye-opening release.

Back with its first new full-length since 2007, Melt-Banana is at its furious violence-pop best on Fetch. Though it’s been quite a break, the distorted guitar pedal bashing of Ichirou Agata is just as lively as it’s ever been, and there still isn’t a vocalist who can make uncontrollable shrieking sound as melodic as Yasuko Onuki does. It’s been a minute, but it’s refreshing to have the masters of noise punk back at the controls.

Guy Blakeslee has gone through several different monikers over the years, but some of his greatest musical achievements have come through with The Entrance Band, and their new record Face The Sun delivers another woozy slice of stoned gold from the L.A. hippie trio. Though beachy psych-pop groups seem to come at about a dime a dozen these days, The Entrance Band taps into a genuinely dark, strung out side of the genre that makes their music fun and simultaneously unnerving.

Other additions include:

No Joy, Pastel and Pass Out EP

Soviet Soviet, Fate

Coliseum, Sister Faith

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