Jessica L. Ryan

We’ve made it halfway through the most glorious week of the semester: syllabus week.

The week where you can focus on scoping out the hotties in your class while your prof goes over CU’s religious observances policy, which you’ve already heard three times today. Where your only homework is to decorate your name tag so your Media Law professor can learn all 90 names in your class (you think it’s silly now, but you’ll soon appreciate the dedication to students.)

While the days’ dalliances will soon come to an end, assignments filing into your Google tasks, CU has granted a three-day weekend to close out these precious, precious days. If you have a desperate need to fill your nerd quota, but nothing to study, treat yo nerdy self with a “geekend.”

By now you’ve already seen the new Hobbit movie a couple of times, making you crave an entire “Lord of the Rings” marathon. Why not take the next three days to settle into Middle Earth? If you want to get extra crazy, take the extended edition route… just make sure you fuel up with some second breakfasts along the way.

If being back in Boulder has already gotten overwhelming, grab your bus pass and head out of town. Denver has amazing museums to choose from, with quite a few special exhibits currently taking place. The Denver Art Museum’s “Passport to Paris” is an excellent way to learn about French history and art. The Museum of Contemporary Art features the work of Joel Swanson, the director of CU’s TAM program, starting this weekend. And the History Colorado Center will give you a look into our state’s past – even natives are guaranteed to learn new things, and it’ll give out-of-staters plenty of facts with which to dazzle visiting parents.

There’s something in this weekend for the beer nerds out there, too. Gather some friends and take a few tours of Boulder’s multiple breweries. Brew tours give you a taste of the science behind crafting some of Colorado’s best beers, and checking out a handful of spots will strengthen your comparison skills. Just make sure you have a DD, eh?

If you want to take some time to work on your novel before dedicating all of your writing skills to essays and lab reports, this weekend is the perfect opportunity for a writer’s retreat. Stock up on hot chocolate (or dry martinis, if Hemingway’s more your style), lock yourself in your room or high up in the Norlin stacks and pour your heart and soul out onto those pages.

Jess Ryan is a community manager and CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan

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