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On-air next with CU-Boulder’s Radio 1190: Neil Young, Toy and POW!
On-air next with CU-Boulder’s Radio 1190: Neil Young, Toy and POW!

See, not so bad right? The first week of school’s already out of the way, and midterms are still a distant light on the horizon. As you take your time getting back into the class routine, tune into Radio 1190 to hear these superb additions to rotation.

Neil Young has been on a much anticipated releasing frenzy the past few years as part of his “Archives” series, and the newest collection to see the light of day is a dark, live set just before the release of his masterpiece, After the Gold Rush. Titled Live at the Cellar Door, the album finds Young ruminating on the decaying dreams of the ’60s, indulging into piano- and string-driven collages, and of course, delivering his soothsayer folk anthems with the wilting energy that only Young can.

Toy emerged in 2012 with a fantastic self-titled debut that found the sweet spot between Hawkwind’s space jams, the Stone Roses’ reverby pop wash, and the Strokes’ gang-of-four posturing. Join the Dots is a consistent follow-up that trims off some of the spare wah effects, and shows once again how capable this group is at effortlessly bringing garage rock into the space age.

Castleface Records have been specializing in lo-fi garage rock good times for a respectable amount of time now, and their latest release by POW! reaffirms the label’s talent for finding under-the-radar bands that just want to make people move. POW! add some unique elements into the mix, such as synthesizers and a particularly blown-out drum sound to make Hi-Tech Boom a refreshingly awesome listen.

Other additions include:

James Wallace & the Naked Light,

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