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Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan

For the first time since 1998, our beloved Broncos are going to the Super Bowl this weekend. If football — and especially Broncos football — is your jam, this is a BFD. And even if you don’t care for sportsball, this is still a pretty big deal. Sports aren’t very high on my list of interests, but I’m a diehard fan of Colorado, so anything that makes us even more awesome is all right in my book.

Football fan or no, the Super Bowl’s bound to offer something to nerds of all flavors.

Architecture nerds can take delight in seeing some of their favorite local buildings “United in Orange.” The Denver Art Museum’s Hamilton building will be lit up once again on Friday night, coupled with a number of other buildings in downtown Denver — and Boulder’s courthouse shows some spirit. Even a Grinch like myself, who’s still hung over from Christmas season, can get a little giddy over seeing an already gorgeous building decorated with Denver pride.

We all know the real stars of the Super Bowl are the commercials. The media studies major in me is stoked to see what brands have planned, especially as they start to integrate social media with their strategies (remember last year’s Oreo Tweet?) And to be honest, I’m also a little excited for the really, really bad ads, too. Sometimes a fail is just so delicious.

Between passing yards and career records, math geeks will be served up stats on stats on stats during the game. All you physics fans can explain to friends like me how it’s even possible to kick 45 yards, or why PFM’s hoping for that perfect spiraled throw. And I’m sure you politicos out there are just loving the trash talking between Denver and Seattle politicians … plus it’s kind of funny to see pictures of congressmen in football jerseys.

It’s not a Super Bowl party without great food and great beer. Have your own Beer Bowl. Buy some Colorado and Washington beers, and let them battle it out with your taste buds. Although, with local options like Avery, Lefthand and Great Divide, I’m pretty sure we all know who’d win that competition. And this is your chance to put those Pinterest boards to work and nerd out over your favorite Super Bowl recipes.

I’ve always said all it takes to be a nerd is your excitement about something and wanting to share it with others. Whether you’re pumped about trash talking politicians or you’re a genuine football fan, the Super Bowl has something for you to nerd out about.

Jess Ryan is a community manager and CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: