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As the chair of the Student Group Funding Board, I get a lot of questions from student groups who are looking for funding. Here’s a breakdown of the basics of the SGFB so your group can go forth and get funding.

What is SGFB? How is it different from other funding boards?

While other boards can fund events and travel for groups, SGFB is unique in that we can also give money for operational costs, such as office supplies. SGFB is governed by the SGFB code, which gives more specific guidelines for how the board should operate.

How do I know if my group is eligible for funding?

Your group must be open to every student on campus. If your group charges a membership fee, you must accommodate people who want to join but are unable to pay the fee.

In addition, your group must have regular meetings — at least three per semester — and you must be in good standing with the Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO). You also need to send a copy of your bylaws when you apply.

If you have more questions about your group’s eligibility, consult the SGFB code.

How can I apply for funding, and what is the process like?

You can find our application online on the CUSG website or the SOFO website. When filling out the application, be as specific as you can. We need a detailed report of what you plan to spend money on, how much and how it will support your group’s mission.

Send your completed application to Remember to attach a copy of your group’s bylaws as well. I look at the applications every Friday and sort them for the upcoming hearing.

Hearings take place every week on Wednesdays starting at 5 p.m. Check the CUSG website ( for meeting locations, please. You will give a short presentation of your proposal before the board asks questions. Then we will discuss your proposal and vote on an amount to fund. If your proposal is clear and detailed, you will get an allocation notice from your liaison by the following night. After a short meeting with your liaison and SOFO, and you are free to use your funds.

If you have more questions about SGFB funding, email me at or at I’m here to help you navigate the process.

Erin Greenhalgh is the chair of the Student Group Funding Board

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