• Brantley Gutierrez

    Residual Kid.

  • Brantley Gutierrez

    Residual Kid.


If you go
What: Residual Kid and In The Whale
When: 9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday
Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-733-0230
Cost: $10-$12

When Max Redman answered the phone, he said, “Yo.”

Redman is 13 and the bass player in Residual Kid. His bandmantes, Ben Redman and Deven Ivy, are both 15. That “yo” belies a level of cool most kids that age never reach. This isn’t child’s play. Residual Kid plays in the big league.

Just a couple months ago, the punky, Austin-based trio recorded songs with Dinosaur Jr. frontman J. Mascis. Just a few weeks ago, they recorded with OFF! bassist Steve McDonald. Translation: Important musicians from important (and very loud) bands think Residual Kid is worth their time. Seeing an over-drinking-age crowd mosh and shout at one of the band’s shows confirms that opinion.

Ivy and the Redman brothers are really just having fun, though.

“We kind of just base stuff off of things we think are cool and fun and awesome,” Max Redman said. “We just bring our songs in and see how they work out.”

That’s what you wish you’d hear from musicians twice his age sometimes. They’re simply in a band to make music and have fun. It’s a principle that most bands shy away from acknowledging. Andrew W.K. would approve.

Don’t fret, Residual Kid is not a band of wild children, destined for a child actor fate. The guys’ parents, usually their dads, are on the road with them. For the most part, though, they get to enjoy the perks of being rockstars.

“Our parents are really cool about letting us hang out,” Redman said.

This Friday and Saturday, that means hanging out at the hi-dive with In The Whale. The two bands have played together before.

It also means hitting a skate park in town, but on this trip, it won’t be the one in downtown Denver. Skateboarding is essential to these guys and they make time for it on tour.

“That one’s pretty cool. It’s pretty slippery, though, compared to what we’re used to [in Austin].” Redman said. “We’re gonna go to the Arvada skate park. Thats a really nice one.”

But back to those recording sessions. Redman said the band is “kind of-ish” readying a new record from that material. What’s coming is an EP with music from both sessions, which will most likely be released in a series of 7″ records to be compiled later.

In mid-April, Residual Kid will travel to New York City to record at Oscilloscope records, the label started by the Beastie Boys.

Right now, they’re coming off an impressive official South by Southwest showcase in their hometown, and making the drive to Denver for the two-night party with local hard-rockers In The Whale. It’s a perfect match.

Listen to Residual Kid’s last record, Face, and it’s clear from the angst-packed vocals, thrashing drums and raging guitar. It hardly matters if you can relate to teenage angst. They’re just talented.

Don’t miss it when there are two chances to catch Residual Kid in Denver. They’re not missing it, anyway. They’re soaking up every moment.

“It’s been great,” Redman said. “It’s been very, very fun just going to all these place we’ve always wanted to go.”

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