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Artist Aberean Weidell lifts a bike frame at last year’s Rebuild bike-art auction for Boulder’s Phoenix Multisport.

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What: Rebuild bike-art auction for Phoenix Multisport

When: 6:30-9 p.m. Thursday

Where: Rembrandt Yard, 1301 Spruce St., Boulder

Cost: $30 includes dinner and mocktails

More info:

Phoenix Multisport’s Rebuild fundraiser Thursday night is happening not a moment too soon.

This past Friday night, at the Boulder Rock Club, Boulder chapter leader Rob Baumgartner announced to a full room of Phoenix Multisport team members that the group’s popular Wednesday climbing meetings would be cancelled indefinitely due to budget constraints.

For Phoenix, which started in Boulder in 2007 as a community for those in recovery from an addiction, the BRC is just one of many places members gather for outdoor recreation and more.

Baumgartner said that they hoped they could reinstate Wednesday climbing soon — but they need funding.

Tonight, Phoenix Multisport will be hosting Rebuild, auction of art made from bike parts, as well as live bike frame painting, at Rembrandt Yard.

Phoenix uses the money it raises at fundraisers like Rebuild to provide equipment like harnesses, bikes and yoga mats to members, as well as access to facilities like climbing gyms.

“A significant portion of our budget comes from fundraisers,” said Wylie Belasik, the event’s organizer.

All of the money raised at Thursday’s fundraiser will benefit the Boulder chapter.

Belasik said that they choose to do a fundraiser focused on bike art for reasons beyond the fact that Boulder is such a bike-loving town. “The bike art is made of parts that would have otherwise been thrown away,” he said.

“We are turning it into art,” he said. “That’s really emblematic of the journey team members make in recovery. Going from a point that may be ugly and turning that into something beautiful.”

Phoenix uses sport as a tool for community building, he said, and part of that support is offering programs and events in an accessible way.

“All our programming is offered at no cost,” he said. “All that is asked of our participants is that they have 48 hours of sobriety.”

Belasik said that most of the members are in recovery, but that some of them are just people who are sober and supportive of the group.

“We don’t do any team sports for a reason,” Baumgartner said. “We want it to be a supportive atmosphere. We don’t want two team members competing against each other.”



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