Alexandra Sieh

The week before my graduation, I was responsible for manning a table on our campus’ plaza. So for three days, I sat outside with friends from the newspaper, waiting till we could pack up and head in for a beer.

I mean, study for finals.

Anyway, I got home one night to find that the flush I had from being outside wasn’t fading. In fact, my skin was bright red, and continued to get darker and more excruciatingly painful as the night went on.

Turns out, I’d gotten such a bad sunburn, I could hardly move, or even change or shower for two days. I smelled fantastic.

Needless to say, I was thankful the gown covered my arms and chest on the big day, or else the shedding of what seemed like five layers of skin may have freaked people out.

Moral? Wear sunscreen, especially before a day when you’ll be featured prominently in about 100 photos per camera used.

Oh, and remember to enjoy the hell out of this weekend, because you’ve earned it.

While I know you’ll have obligatory family meals all weekend, or fancy dates or highly responsible house parties, here’s a few ways to celebrate out on the town.

Boulder Beer (2880 Wilderness Place) has a Kinda Bluegrass Festival running Saturday that will feature four different versions of their Kinda Blue Blueberry Wheat beer. And while you sip on each version, enjoy live music by Barrel House, Moonshiner and Caribou Mountain Collective from noon and 10 p.m.

At the Walrus Saloon (1173 Walnut St.), a new DJ will be busting out beats each night, starting Thursday with DJ Mr. Groove. Friday, DJ Pat Allen will be up, and Saturday, a classic DJ Petey night.

A very Boulder college bar way to celebrate four-plus years.

Friday, keep the party going by walking across the street to the Absinthe House (1109 Walnut St.) for Shake One and Naka G, both big-name DJs that want to help you dance your way into Saturday.

Perhaps you’re all cultured now that you’ve graduated. Well, The Dairy Center for the Arts (2590 Walnut St.) may have a first for you this weekend. “APP” is a film about an app that goes too far. Aka: Reality in a few years. But before you head in, you’ll want to download … an app. Yes, you get the IRIS app, and it’ll have tons of extra content that pairs with your thriller on the big screen. Needless to say, phones will be allowed in the theater. Check out for showtimes and tickets.

The colorful Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place (2027 13th St.) owners are ready to give you a Global Soul Experience Saturday. Vocalists like Janis Kelly and Ben Felson will be bringing globally-infused original dance music. Just head over by 8 p.m., hand over $7 and you’ll be set for quite the cultural evening. Oh, and the first 50 there will get a free Global Soul CD.

Your city’s going to miss you guys, as will this column writer. So be sure to have an incredible weekend, responsibly and with everyone you love.

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