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    Is that a mojito peeking around the corner or have I had too many classy cocktails?



I need a dose of class in my life.

I realized this as I watched my friend tap a box of wine the other night while I adjusted my sweatpants and fished an old Coors Banquet out of my fridge for him.

The thought crossed my mind again when we whipped out UNO cards at the brewery we were sampling from. This was a cutthroat version, mind you, which requires ample hand-slapping, cursing and friend back-stabbing.

Making a scene. It’s what we do.

But seriously, as great as it is to go brewery-tour hopping to essentially drink for free-sies, we may need a night with a bit more sophistication.

Enter Local Table Tours.

Folks, someone has concocted something called “Cocktail Tasting Tours,” and every Thursday, they’ll take you out to “the best watering holes in Boulder.” For $40, you’ll hit up local bars and hear from bartenders on their mixing methodology.

Probably more sophisticated than my lemonade-daiquiri mix-vodka drink I’d tote around at parties in a Camelbak water bottle.

Rather, you’ll get your steps in as you check out great Boulder bars, all the while getting educated on all things hard liquor. Info:

And while I’ve got you thirsty for some rum (or whatever it is you fill your shots with), let me remind you of The Sink’s (1165 13th St.) happy hour Thursdays and Fridays from 3 to 6 p.m., and all day Sunday.

You can get $2 wells, $3 drafts and $4 fancy-pants martinis, and a whole bunch of snacks to soak it up.

Back to the beer. Boulder Beer (2880 Wilderness Place), to be exact. If you head over Thursday, Hindsight will be rocking out as pints pour into your hands. Or Saturday, you can catch BlueKrewe because you love live music and beer. Both bands will start at 5 p.m.

The folks at Twisted Pine Brewing (3201 Walnut St.) will also have some live music on tap Saturday night. Bones Jugs and Harmony will be playing at 7 p.m. What a perfect pairing with their Cream Style Stout.

Feeling more of a Pearl Street kind of night? That’s cool, Spafford will be playing at The Lazy Dog (1346 Pearl St.) Saturday at 10 p.m. Self-described as an “eclectic blend of driving rock, funk, dance and light,” all part of their “electro-funk therapy.”

To that I say, ” … Oh sure.”

But seriously, sounds like it’ll be a cool show, and a great place to spend a few hours in general, especially the full-service rooftop deck.

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