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    So much drama with Foxygen. Yet they still have an album dropping this fall.

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    Don't worry, Flying Lotus' "You're Dead!" will be here soon.

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    Ty Segall's latest, "Manipulator," is a whopping double LP.



Let’s be real: Summer has a tendency to be one of the slower seasons in the music business. Concerts slow down, album releases slow down, it’s just kind of a time-out for most musicians in between album cycles.

But that means that like spring, fall brings a bounty of new music into our ears once again, so keep an eye out for these anticipated releases coming fall 2014, like:

Ty Segall


Aug. 26

It’s only been a year since Segall released his melancholic acoustic full-length Sleeper, and yet by his standards it feels like it’s been a lifetime.

Segall’s become one of the more prolific names in American garage rock, so it’s a delight to see that his newest album, Manipulator, is indeed a whopping double-LP. With Segall the question is never whether the music will be quality, just what form his muse will take this time. It seems that keyboards are Segall’s newest obsession this time around, but you’ll just have to go get the album — out this week — to find out.

Flying Lotus

You’re Dead!

Oct. 7

It seems that Stephen Ellison has finally risen to the level that his music deserves, so it’ll be interesting to see what direction his new album takes after his loose, jazzy 2012 LP, Until the Quiet Comes.

If his recent live shows are any indication, his headspace is as batshit as it’s ever been, fusing heavy bass throbs with ping-ponging percussion, and even going so far as to include some of his own rapping as Captain Murphy in there. FlyLo has never been more popular, and You’re Dead! is a huge opportunity to prove he’s worthy of the acclaim.


Our Love

Oct. 7

Dan Snaith, aka Caribou, sure has taken his time with this one. After a slow-rising arc as one of the most prominent experimental dance artists of the 2000s (peaking with 2010’s beloved banger opus Swim,), Snaith has been relatively quiet. He’s played shows here and there and released an OK side-project album, but Caribou for the most part seemed like a big question mark. But with the announcement of a new release entitled Our Love (and killer single “Can’t Do Without You” to boot,) it looks like Caribou might not be done finding new ways to move after all.


Bestial Burden

Oct. 14

Death industrial is a particularly difficult genre for the uninitiated, yet Pharmakon’s Margaret Chardiet has made huge strides towards bringing the genre to a wider audience. Her fantastic 2013 album Abandon contained four tracks of brutal, pummeling power electronics, and now she’s announced a six-track follow up titled Bestial Burden, out on label home Sacred Bones.

If the album cover is any indication, the music is sure to be grotesque, but Pharmakon as a project is all about transforming the horrific into pure catharsis.


… And Star Power

Oct. 14

After a tumultuous year of inner-band drama and mid-show meltdowns, Foxygen appear to be alive and well, and have a new album slated for release this fall with the title …And Star Power.

The group has quickly matured from a home-recording excursion into a full-fledged ’70s pop unit, and with And Star Power they’ve promised an 82-minute, 24track double album to test the limits of their song craftsmanship.

They’re a young band and they’ve only gotten better with each release, so …And Star Power has the potential to be a grand statement for the group.

Death Grips

Jenny Death

Late 2014

To be fair, with Death Grips broken up and the project being as unpredictable as it is, it’s possible that Jenny Death will never see the light of day. But as it stands, the group has claimed that the second half of their double album The Powers That B will indeed be released sometime in late 2014. Will we ever hear it? Will it actually be the last album Death Grips ever release as a band? Will it close out their career on a high or low note? As with everything Death Grips, it’s impossible to guess.

Panda Bear

Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper


No release date yet on this one either, but Noah Lennox has confirmed that his newest solo effort will be released later this year, and that Sonic Boom will be returning to handle production duties. His partner in Animal Collective fame, Avey Tare, put out his strongest solo effort yet with his side project Slasher Flicks, so pressure’s on Lennox to deliver another remarkable collection of ethereal pop masterpieces.

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