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  • Server Nicole Feest pours a draft beer in March 17,...

    Jeremy Papasso

    Server Nicole Feest pours a draft beer in March 17, at BRU Handbuilt Ales in Boulder. BRU is teaming up with Rocky Mountain Brew Runs to set up a 5K that starts at 10 a.m. and ends with morning beer and great food.

  • Alex Sieh

    Alex Sieh



In my group of friends, we’re all about big goals and insist that our former procrastination on literally all things won’t actually happen this time. Climb mountains, write a book, go a day without alcohol… go big or go home.

And then we procrastinate and eat a doughnut and make a new goal.

This year, the “We shall become legit runners who needn’t wheeze after only a half mile!” goal’s been stubborn, though. We dream of a day when 7-year-olds don’t sprint by in a 5K, laughing, while we clutch our sides and shout, “I miss my bed and/or wine glass. Please let me stop to cry.” (And to think we used to run track and kick the soccer ball and all that jazz. … See what beer does to a person?)

Speaking of… we found a way to motivate our lazy asses out of bed and into sneakers: Beer.

You may think that’s counterproductive to being all we can be, fitness-wise, and you’d be right. But we love beer, dammit, and are too old to change now.

So if you, too, need a pint glass as motivation, join us on Sunday. BRU Boulder (5290 Arapahoe Ave.) is teaming up with Rocky Mountain Brew Runs to set up a 5K that starts at 10 a.m. and ends with morning beer and great food.

After the race, as you sip on sweet, sweet victory, you can join in on Beer Olympics and a taste-test challenge. Winners get more free beer.

Repeat after me: “I love beer fitness.”

Info:; $25 registration includes a spot in the race, a free beer and a signature pint glass.

All week, another fantastic event’s been in full swing: Boulder Pride Fest 2014. Sunday at Central Park, there will be vendors, live entertainment a swell selection of beer and mead celebrating Pride. Oh, and food trucks everywhere. It’ll be a great way to join up with a great cause. On Friday from 7-10 p.m., Frequent Flyers Studio (3022 Sterling Circle, is hosting the Youth Sober Rave where LGBTQ and allied teens can go dance it out, enjoy good-for-you snacks and great music. Oh, and it’s free, no RSVP-ing required. See more events at:

And because I know you like beer the way I do, I’ve got a few quickies.

Like dollar-beer Saturdays at Tokyo Joes (2525 Arapahoe Ave.) Yea. Tokyo Joes. I’m addicted to their dessert sushi and therefore very in-tune with the fact that, throughout September, you can get a beer for a buck along with your entree. Sure, they cut you off at two, but that’s $2 FOR 2 BEERS.

And those crafty folks at Fate Brewing (1600 38th St.) have a few new releases for you beer-thusiasts. They’re settling into that autumn feeling with some great new brews. Like its Chocolate Raspberry Porter just released Thursday and the Pumpkin Ale released Wednesday.

Don’t forget, you Bourbon-ites. The West End Tavern (926 Pearl Street) is still hosting its Bourbon Through the Ages, and are getting the 1920s back with The Scoflaw — Bourbon, dry vermouth, lemon, bitters and grenadine.

CU’s Program Council has a concert rolling into Club 156 (on the first floor of the UMC on campus) Friday night at 8. Sti-Lo Reel & Ced Linus, ft. Louie P., Jerney and J-Knack. Info:; $10.

Oh, and hey, there’s another new beer hitting the tap wall at Boulder Beer Friday: Fryed fresh-hopped rye pale ale, which boasts a spicy, nutty flavor.

Follow Alex on Twitter: @ansieh.

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