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    Slightly Stupid headlined the 420 Hot Box at Red Rocks in 2013, as part of the High Times US Cannabis Cup. These are the fans. A Spotify study found that CU-Boulder students love Slightly Stoopid.

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    A Spotify study found that CU-Boulder students listen to less pop, edm/dance and country music than most universities --- but still love Skrillex.



Check out the CU data here:

University of Colorado-Boulder has some relaxed music tastes. Students like Slightly Stoopid, they don’t really like Beyonce, and they are early to bed and early to rise, according to data released by Spotify.

Now, this is by no means a scientific study, but seeing as Spotify is a popular music streaming service — especially among college-aged people — it provides an interesting look at listening habits.

The data also shows that CU-Boulder listens to less pop, edm/dance and country music than most universities and slightly more hip-hop, rock and folk music.

Popular tracks include “Summer” by Calvin Harris, “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit and “Latch” by Disclosure. Popular artists include Calvin Harris, Flume, Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

In the overall list of top musical universities in America CU Boulder lands at No. 25. Arizona State University, Auburn University and Brigham Young University make the top three of the list.

Spotify also published a blog post along with the data that notes, “University of Colorado Boulder students play our study-oriented Focus playlists the most. They’re also top streamers of Relax.”

Spotify’s Top 40 Most Musical Universities in America:

1. Arizona State University

2. Auburn University

3. Brigham Young University

4. California Polytechnic State University

5. Cornell University

6. Florida State University

7. Georgia Institute Of Technology

8. Indiana University Bloomington

9. Iowa State University

10. Miami University

11. Michigan State University

12. New York University

13. Northeastern University

14. Ohio State University

15. Pennsylvania State University

16. Purdue University

17. Texas A&M University

18. Texas Tech University

19. University Of Alabama

20. University Of Arizona

21. University Of Arkansas Fayetteville

22. University Of California Berkeley

23. University Of California Los Angeles

24. University Of Central Florida

25. University Of Colorado-Boulder

26. University Of Florida

27. University Of Georgia

28. University Of Illinois Urbana Champaign

29. University Of Michigan Ann Arbor

30. University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

31. University Of Missouri Columbia

32. University Of North Texas

33. University Of Oklahoma

34. University Of Pennsylvania

35. University Of Southern California

36. University Of Texas Austin

37. University Of Virginia

38. University Of Washington

39. University Of Wisconsin Madison

40. Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University is The Denver Post’s music blog.

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