Weekend in Boulder: Beer is good after any occasion

So yes, Colorado has a great rep for craft beer. But it’s become clear to me that we’re now all becoming beer people (says the already-nicknamed “Beer Girl.”). Not only that, it’s a statewide shift into beer snob-dom. No matter what we do – hike, run, watch a movie, etc. – we’re probably planning on a craft beer afterward.

Like last weekend. My friend and I purposely chose two 14ers to climb that were near Breckenridge because we knew they were having their Oktoberfest celebration that afternoon. When we finally get to the ticket booth, I hear her slap down her cash for 6 tokens (she was feeling ambitious), and I turn to the older gent asking what I’d like.

Him: “Well, if you’re looking to save a few dollars, you can opt for the .5-liter stein and just a few toke …”

Me: “Sir, it’s only 5 bucks more for a liter. Gonna need the big-girl cup and enough tokens to fill it twice.”

So it began. Our friends found us sitting on a set of stairs near the beer tent, surrounded by six beers, happily sipping away.

The next morning, I’m back in Boulder, plodding my way back to BRU Handbuild Ales as the stragglers of our 5K race pushed on toward the free pint we knew was ours when we crossed the finish line. My friends and I even wore matching Boulder Valley brews shirts because that’s what teams do. We’d all bought them at a local brewery when we were having beers.

See? Beer. It’s what we do activities for, so we can have a beer after.

So allow me to guide you to a few new brews in town. Can’t let those taste buds get complacent.

Like over at Avery Brewing (5763 Arapahoe Ave.), the brewers there have released their Pump(KY)n brew. Why such a wackadoodle spelling? So the story goes, it embodies the bourbon barrel-aging process that adds a whopping flavor to their already spiced pumpkin porter. (Bourb(KY)n … get it? Don’t worry, they’ll still give you some if you don’t.)

Bottle sales start at 1 p.m. Sunday, at $12 per 12 oz bottle. It’s a 16-percenter, ABV-wise, so watch out. And if you hit up the release party, you’ll also get to snag rare beers like the Eremita VI, Khodynka and Papa Sour.

Speaking of Avery, those guys are also the ones putting up the beer garden at this weekend’s Fall Fest. Each year, Boulder celebrates the end of summer with a weekend-long bash on the Pearl Street Mall. There’s live music – indie rock, reggae and country – and Rio margaritas and food from local joints to soak up all the tequila. Check out for full details, or just go check it out. Great way to soak the last of this season’s Vitamin D.

Over at Finkel & Garf Brewing Co. (5455 Spine Rd.), brewers are releasing their Spiced Ale this Sunday. Working with Boulder’s Savory Spice Shop, they used cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove and other spices to dazzle your tongues as you sip. That just sounds like fall to me.

(Just in case you’re not as prepared as my friend and I, carrying decks of cards in our purses – we take our day-drinking seriously, folks – they’ve also got things like table-top bowling and giant Connect Four to play as you drink.)

And because I want to make sure our not-yet-21 pals have something fun, head over to CHEM 140 this Friday. At 9 p.m., your Program Council is screening “Tammy,” which should be good for sore abs following the feature. Enjoy the free-ness of said movie and laugh away.

If you’re hitting up the Walrus Saloon (1173 Walnut St.) this Saturday, you’ll be hanging out with some of Kevin Smith’s people as they promote the upcoming film “Tusk.” They’ll be giving away promo swag, shirts, tickets to the film, etc., and the bartenders will have Walrus-themed drink specials all night. Just make sure to get there from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.

It’s Week 3 of National Bourbon Heritage Month, and The West End Tavern (926 Pearl St.) bartenders are pouring out the 1930’s. You’ll be able to get yourself an Old Fashioned – bourbon, cherry, orange bitters and simple syrup. Sweet.

And because things like this exist, I have to tell you about the Colorado Pole Championship happening this Saturday at the Boulder Theater (2032 14th St.). Some of the state’s best pole artists are battling it out for cash and prizes, in a classy performance of strength and grace. So don’t be weird about it. Snag tickets at

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