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I am a student, a female, a Hill resident, a Greek, a student leader, a roommate, a neighbor, and a resident of Boulder. I feel a special connection to one measure in particular that we will see on the ballot this November. This measure won’t change the world; it won’t alter the political landscape or divide the population. But it will make the people of Boulder safer.

The buzz about 2A is that it will raise taxes by a mere 0.3 percent, and it will promote arts, community and culture. It will fund so many projects that will make the already incredible City of Boulder that much more remarkable and different from other places in the United States. These are all great strides forward, but I think the biggest effect will come from the increased amount of lighting on the Hill.

Although some Hill residents decry student behaviors on the Hill come Friday and Saturday night, you can’t argue that safety for an at-risk group that makes up one-third of the population of Boulder isn’t important. Some of the streets that we walk every night are downright dangerous. Yes, arts, community and culture will make this city great, but safety will as well. The lights will deter crime in the areas of the Hill, the Boulder Creek Path and Chautauqua — areas that students and residents frequent daily. For any Hill residents concerned that the lighting will shine in their windows and keep them from getting sleep, but, in fact, the lights will be “pedestrian height” and their brightness will be adjustable by the City of Boulder.

We must ask ourselves, is a three-cent increase in tax on this $10 purchase worth the change that will result? I, along with many of my peers, belong to a modern type of political party: I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I am not the type of person who welcomes a tax increase with open arms, but when it is necessary and can benefit all members of a community for such a small cost, it simply makes sense. Recently I read that those who do feel apprehensive seem to think that private organizations should be funding these projects. I attend a public university, and I believe that safety is a matter of public interest, not only for the students, but also for the general population as a whole.

So this November, along with many other residents of Boulder, I’m asking that you make the choice that simply makes sense, and vote yes on 2A. Those three pennies on your $10 purchase could be pennies that would otherwise slip under your couch cushions or fall out of your wallet as you pay for parking on a crowded Boulder street.

As a student, a female, a Hill resident, a Greek, a student leader, a roommate, a neighbor and a resident of Boulder, I will support 2A, and I hope that you will too.

Eileen Sherman, director of City & Neighborhood Relations, CU Student Government, Boulder

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