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Boulder’s Seth Haber, 35, found the third Rock in the Colorado Daily’s Boulder Rocks! competition Friday afternoon.

Boulder’s Seth Haber, 35, found the third Rock in the Colorado Daily’s Boulder Rocks! competition Friday afternoon at Chautauqua on Lupine Street — it sat at the top of the stairs leading to a hiking trail. He tells us about his search:

Tell me a little about yourself. What’s your favorite color? How do you feel about hand turkeys? Where do you work? How long have you lived in Boulder? Where are you from?

My name is Seth Haber and I’m currently 35 years old (which is roughly 28 in Boulder Years). Ham turkeys? I’m definitely for ’em. Turduckens have had the spotlight long enough.

I moved to Boulder from the beautiful state of Rhode Island 13 years ago. I miss the clam cakes, hot weiners, Del’s lemonade and wicked awesome accents of my home, but Boulder has definitely won me over. About 10 years ago I started an outdoor gear company in Boulder (Trek Light Gear) and I’ve been trying to make enough money to actually buy a home in this town ever since. If every person reading this buys one hammock from me this year, well it’s just a thought.

So. You found the rock. That’s pretty cool. Tell me about your search.

The first clue on Monday was “I was tricked into hiking.” That sums up every time I’ve ever decided to go out and look for this @!# rock, so my suggestion would be to just make that the first clue every week. I looked for a bit on Thursday and again on Friday, but there were at least 5 times when I questioned my sanity in the process.

Have you looked for the rock in the past?

Four years of hard work finally paid off! If I add up the lost hours of productivity, I’m pretty sure I paid about $85 to find this rock in the end. But it’s a fine-looking rock.

When did you know where the rock was?

I was sure on Thursday I was in the right spot but I didn’t see it anywhere. Did you know there are leaves covering every inch of ground this time of year? That’s cruel. I also wrongly assumed that finding it wouldn’t require pulling cactus thorns out of your hand as you dig through “foliage,” but that’s what the clue said so that’s what I did. For your own safety I don’t recommend other people go looking for this thing.

What are you gonna spend yer $500 bones on?

Definitely a ham turkey, how much does that cost?

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