Killer Mike and El-P are back with Run the Jewels 2.

HOLY GUACAMOLE, IT’S COLD. Here at Radio 1190, we are keeping warm and preparing the station for our Thanksgiving programming. All Thanksgiving day we will be playing the best in jazz music to accompany that holiday cooking. Also, keep on the lookout for some awesome Thanksgiving-themed content on our Radio 1190 Facebook page.

Now, grab a blanket, a cup of tea and listen \\to some of the best albums we have spinning in our rotation this week.

Following up a stellar 2013 debut, Killer Mike and El-P are back joining forces once more as Run the Jewels. Unlike the band’s debut, sophomore release Run the Jewels is much more abrasive and aggressive. In the first couple seconds of the opening track, Killer Mike yells at the top of his lungs his excitement of the new record, letting the world know how much energy he is bringing to the table. Each track on the album is fast, energetic and full of swagger, reinforcing the fact that Run the Jewels are here to prove that they’re the best in the game. Even though it’s apparent that El-P and Killer Mike are both amazing MCs, their feature spots bring just as much to the table. Verses from Zack de la Rocha and Gangsta Boo compliment the album appropriately, but the contributions from Travis Barker and Diane Coffee are even more surprising and make for a very interesting listen. Throughout the album’s 11 tracks, the power duo sound on top of the game, proving that Run the Jewels 2 is undoubtedly one of the best hip-hop albums of the year.

It’s without a doubt that Panda Bear is one of the most interesting members of Animal Collective. After his release of his fourth record Tomboy, it was apparent that Noah Lennox was going in a different direction with his sound. In anticipation for his upcoming release Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, Lennox has released a new EP entitled Mr. Noah. The EP is only four tracks but the title track is actually the only song that will appear on the full-length. But before that was even known, it is obvious that the single is the best track on the EP. Sadly, unlike his opus Person Pitch, most of the tracks are strikingly straightforward, unlike the expansive electro-artpop tracks he made in the early 2000s. Though this EP is totally just a couple of tracks to hold fans over until the full-length comes out, it’s nice to hear something new from Mr. Noah, and if the rest of the album is like the single, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper is sure to be a fun listen.

Back in 2013, ambient-folk composer Grouper released album titled The Man Who Died in His Boat. The album was essentially acoustic guitar with loads of reverb, delay and soft ghostly vocals on top. Fast-forward to 2014 and Grouper releases her most stark album to date: Ruins. On this record, Grouper ditches the guitar altogether to make an album made completely of piano and vocals — with minimal, to no effects on either instrument. Each composition is simple and sparse with swirling, hypnotic piano motifs and the most delicate vocals that fall gracefully like snow in mid-morning. Though each track is undeniably gorgeous, the album is ultimately repetitive and hard to get through in an entire listen. Grouper may have not made the album of the year, but it is the perfect record to ease you into a quiet, peaceful meditation.

James Calvet is the music director at Radio 1190.

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