Look! Boulder's Bryan Browne and the rock are making snow angels.
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Look! Boulder’s Bryan Browne and the rock are making snow angels.

Boulder’s Bryan Browne, 26, a chemical safety inspector for the University of Colorado found the fourth rock in the Colorado Daily’s Boulder Rocks! competition Wednesday at the intersection of Conestoga and Conestoga underneath a headge that looks like a baby labyrinth. This is the second Daily rock Browne has found in his hunting history.

Tell us about you.

I moved here from beautiful Minnesota and its brutal winters eight years ago, so it was tough to use the weather this week as an excuse not to hunt down the rock.

You found the Rock, hooray! Tell me about your search.

As always, the clues were littered with references and fun tests of wit that quickly hooked me into another wild rock chase. A 50 degree temperature drop and relentless snow be damned! The great clues gave me a really good idea of its location with the Boulder County Hospital “labyrinth,” the “treeline pint” at Wildwoods Brewery, Roundhouse “distillery” and family “bakery” nearby, and that the rock is a “hedge knight” (look it up, I had to). Yes the thing was covered in a few inches of snow, but luckily it formed a suspicious lump on the ground in the center of three hedges.

Have you looked for the Rock before? Do you have special treasure hunting skills we should know about?

I’ll admit I’ve been a sucker for the rock hunt for many years. I actually found my first rock a couple years ago, and have been trying to find another ever since. Hey, so since I have two, maybe you guys have some kind of frequent-finders club? A special lounge at the Colorado Daily office? Or one of those sandwich deli cards where I can get it hole-punched and my 10th rock is free? Wait, not free, I mean, double the reward? Meh, just some ideas for you guys to consider.

When did you know where the rock was?

When the thermometer hit 2 degrees, and I realized no one in their right mind would be out looking for it in this weather. I decided to go for it anyway and got pretty lucky on my first outing. I guess that means I’m not in my right mind.

What are you gonna spend yer $500 bones on?

With Thanksgiving imminent, and Christmas right on its heels, this money will most certainly be going towards gluttonous dinners, refreshing libations and ridiculous gifts for my loved ones. All thanks to you Colorado Daily!

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