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Now Hear This: Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, ‘Let’s Jump a Train’
Now Hear This: Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, ‘Let’s Jump a Train’

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band

“Let’s Jump a Train”

With the bluesy dexterity of Leadbelly and the driving rhythm of a punk guitarist, Rev. Petyon, known to most as “The Rev.,” is an unmistakable voice in contemporary American roots music. The Rev. is a virtuoso in the true sense of the word in that he not only knows how to fire off scorching leads; he can (often simultaneously) lay down a wicked rhythm and dive into solos that require the most nimble of fingers. Joined by Breezy Peyton (washboard and supporting vocals) and Ben Bussell (drums and supporting vocals), The Rev. is readying for the 2015 release of his fifth studio venture, So Delicious. “Let’s Jump a Train” is a chugging number from the new album that displays The Rev and his Big Damn Band’s (pictured) rhythmic intensity.

Ben Stalets


Toledo, Ohio’s Ben Stalets has a time out of mind quality about him, of sidestepping from contemporary musical trends. Rough and rustic, his new single “Lost” is built around a soft chugging rhythm and gritty harmonies. A bit of ragtime piano flares up unexpectedly, setting up the light ivory twinkling and an antique fiddle that winds its way through the dense backdrop. Thick with an Appalachian folksiness, it has that aura of soaking under a grey rain.