Dennis column: Albums turning 10

Lately, quite a few of my favorite bands have been embarking on 10-year anniversary album tours.

About 10 years ago, pop punk was still dominating music. Then, I was really a fan of pretty much everything that was released in the rock world. It was a time in my life when I really got into music and playing guitar.

In 2004, I was 13, just starting middle school and I spent most of my time thinking about music.

The year 2004 was a time when Skrillex was releasing albums with his screamo band, everybody was singing about “My Salsa” (because of the D12 and Eminem track, “My Band”) and the Madden Brothers were still considered cool because of Good Charlotte.

I would love to see all of these relived.

A few weeks ago, Relient K came to Denver as part of a tour celebrating tMmhmm turning 10, and I still regret not going. I don’t want to miss another one of my favorites, so I’ll probably go to the Motion City Soundtrack 10-year anniversary show in Denver in February, as the band will be playing Commit to This Memory in its entirety.

With this trend of 10-year album tours, here are a few releases from 2004 that I would really love to see happen:

First and foremost, Muse‘s Absolution. I saw Muse about a year ago, and it was everything I expected it to be. I absolutely loved the show. My only complaint was that the band didn’t play enough tracks off Absolution. The album that followed, Black Holes and Revelations, skyrocketed Muse in America and had multiple chart-topping hits. Absolution is often overlooked, but it is amazing with heavy, dominating, guitar-driven rock music.

Another album I would love to see played in it’s entirety is My Chemical Romance‘s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. In 2004, MCR’s “Helena” was dominating both the rock and pop charts worldwide. I would love the chance to see the band perform this album live, while I sing with extreme passion to every track… after a couple of beers.

This year at Riot Fest in Denver, I sat through the Rise Against set, and it was terrible. After 2004, the band trickled into a slow descent of subpar music. The band only played two songs from the 2004 release, Siren Song of the Counter Culture, which was the last good Rise Against album, in my opinion. Every song on that album kicked out such an intense and powerful rock sound. Plus, it was recorded in Fort Collins — shout out to our awesome state!

Though there are many more, I would love to see The Killers play Hot Fuss in it’s entirety. I like every Killers album, but Hot Fuss tops my list because of its electronic influences. It was an album that helped broadened my horizons from exclusively scream and pop punk. It was such a different sound from all that was popular at the time. Plus, it was The Killers’ first album, so a throwback tour celebrating it would offer a cool back-to-roots experience,as the band has grown.

I can only hope these shows actually become a reality.

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