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  • Alex Sieh

    Alex Sieh

  • Pictured is Upslope's Belgian Pale Ale. Check out the Boulder...

    Mark Leffingwell / Colorado Daily

    Pictured is Upslope's Belgian Pale Ale. Check out the Boulder brewery's new brew (Wild Saison, Volume 2) on tap this weekend.



For the first time since college, my friend and I made it to a football game at our alma mater. But instead of pre-gaming with Bud Lights like we used to, we took advantage of the beauty that is Colorado’s craft-brew scene.

Growlers in hand, it was time to get our beer on. And let me tell you, tailgating with a White Wedding IPA and Old Town Ale is infinitely tastier than the beer-flavored water we call generic beer.

(Hint: You don’t have to finish both growlers in the hour you have before the game. And if you do, you really needn’t imbibe at the game, or sulk when you miss last call, while trying to small-talk the bartender into pouring you just one last beer. Lesson learned…)

But hey, let’s say overpriced hot dogs and enjoying sideline views of tight pants isn’t your thing. You can still have a grand time watching football on various flatscreens while sipping on your booze of choice.

Like at the West End Tavern (926 Pearl St.), where imbibers can find NFL game-day specials. Good ones. Like $4 rotating game-day beers, $5 Sunday brunch mimosas, $3.50 Jim Beam and rotating lagers. Oh, and something called BBQ Nachos, which sounds delightfully intriguing.

So even if you find yourself flying solo on football day, find fellow sports fans at West End, with reasonably priced drinks in hand.

On said game day I mentioned above, my friend and I were tasting various beers to figure out what to fill our growlers with to tow with us to tailgate.

With flight in hand, we sat and sipped our way through a few contenders. Mid-sip, my pal lowers the glass, reads the description and said, “I’m really not that big a fan of saisons.”

“Well, good thing we didn’t get any saisons on this flight,” I replied.

“Yes, it says so right here.”

“No, dear, that’s session.”

Awkward silence and sipping.

Like my pal, don’t be a saison hater. Especially now that Upslope Brewing (1501 Lee Hill Road, No. 20) has unleashed Wild Saison, Volume 2.

The brew is filled with smells of ripe fruit, pepper and oak, and it’s been freshly released from seven months of being aged in red wine barrels. There’s so much fruit-flavor goodness. You need to go pick up a six-pack of this brew.

So you’ve got your football and beer, but now let’s handle the laughs. Over at the Bohemian Biergarten (2017 13th St.), it’s Comedy Night this Sunday. At 7 p.m., Jeff Wozer will be hitting the stage, hoping to make you snort beer out your noses from laughter.

Awesome, eh? Go and chuckle your night away.

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