The Scene: Bringing the band back

Acceptance is the story of a project far too short lived.

In 2005, the band was emerging and slowly gaining popularity. The sole album Phantom never wound up on the Billboard Charts and the band only embarked on a few tours before dying out.

So, why was there a sudden spike on Twitter in 2010 for interest in the one-album group?

Simple: The band was on to something huge.

Since that trending spike, Acceptance’s Twitter page garnered attention from fans coming out of the woodworks — even including celebrities, like Selena Gomez.

If Acceptance stuck it out and continued making music, it seems as though they could have been very successful. If I could speculate where they’d be today, I’d see them being the size and status of a band like Paramore, a band that released its first album the same year and wasn’t incredibly successful (compared to Riot, or Self-Titled, for example) until after releasing a second album.

What made Phantoms such an all-around amazing album is that it took the popular pop-punk sounds of Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte and made them into beautiful melodies. The band may have been far too ahead of its time.


A return of Acceptance has been rumored for years, and if the band obliged, they would not only have an existing loyal fan base, but an entire new one too.

And here’s why I think now is the time for the band to return: After the Acceptance’s breakup, guitarist Christian McAlhaney became a guitarist for the now-defunct rock band Anberlin. Fittingly, Anberlin officially retired this year. Pair that with the fact that the original members of Acceptance don’t have any major musical commitments — so now seems the time to bring the band back.

Plus, it will be just in time for a 10-year reunion, which seems to be a trend with other bands right now.

Last year, I saw Anberlin perform at The Aggie in Fort Collins, before there was any public talk of an Anberlin breakup. I talked to McAlhaney after the show and asked the guitarist if he ever thought there would be an Acceptance reunion, to which he responded, “maybe someday.”

Since, McAlhaney has made statements to various outlets that he would love to see Acceptance reunite.

Its been talked about in the background, but now’s the time to act, guys. Rock music needs you.

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