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Workers put on the final touches to the new outdoor pool on Wednesday. The University of Colorado Recreation Center outdoor pool will open Monday June 9, 2014.

“I love this Job,” said Lane Faison, 29 a Mathematics major and staff member at the CU rec center.

“Yeah me too.” Said john Nguyen 20 another staff member and an accounting major.

Faison has been working for the Rec Center since 2004, long before the construction, “With a four-year stint in the Military,” Said Faison.

With the New Year, Faison plans to stick to old positive habits.

“Get fitter, better and bigger,” Said Faison.

As a staff member, but also a student he’s much like others who regularly use the gym, such as Nolan McCoy.

McCoy is a busy CU student who frequents the Rec Center and lifts weights using a new routine he’s developed.

“I split up the muscle groups with a push day, a pull day, a shoulder day and a rest day. I kind of just got into it. I didn’t really know what I was doing and was just going to the gym on my own but then I recently moved in with some dudes that are big into bodybuilding and they’ve helped me a lot,” McCoy Said. “A lot of people do have the New Years resolution of ‘I’m going to work out and get fit’, but I’ve always liked doing it. I ran cross country for four years, and I’ve learned how to do it without hurting myself.”

The Rec Center has a free Musculo-skeletal clinic open on a walk-in basis during the semester in addition to the many other opportunities to connect with others through classes, lessons and instructions.

“I like how they work with my schedule. It’s probably the most flexible job you can get. My only pet peeve is there’s candy in the machines. There’s a bunch of stuff that just doesn’t belong,” Said Faison.

The Rec center currently doesn’t offer any cuisine for its patrons.

Levi Dexel, the Assistant Director of the Outdoor Program and an avid Kayaker, can sometimes be found on the river leading classes for the Rec Center.

“Kayaking will kick off the second week of classes as well as Elite climbing, anchor building, and our outdoor climbing trips. We’ll have one Kayak trip in late April, a backpacking trip, and a spring break Florida trip as well. We’re also trying to do a short couple-day hut trip for spring break as well,” Said Dexel.

“We’re trying to get the Adventure Planning Center utilized and more active. It’s been pretty successful. We had a few people come use it to plan their fall break and trips on their own. We rent out avalanche equipment, -20 degree sleeping bags and winter supplies. Our Wednesday workshops are all more winter oriented. Also the climbing wall is free the first week. Then the climbing pass will run until the end of the semester. We’re looking into tweaking the summer fee for the climbing gym hopefully for the better.”

In regards to the trips the Outdoor Program offers, Dexel recommends planning months ahead.

“The sooner you sign up the better. There will be an official meeting a month prior to spring break for the Florida trip as well as three weekly meetings prior to all the trips. If you’re scuba certified you could go diving with our instructor leading the Florida trip. There should be a bunch of options depending on what you want to do, Hopefully with a house on the beach with kayaks and bikes. All our other options are on the website.”

The Rec Center also offers classes for people looking to learn specific skills.

“We have Training Classes. One is a beacon review class and another is Fly tying later in the semester. We also have survival skill clinic and a back-country skiing clinic which teach about equipment where to go, how to make winter shelters, and track in snow.” Said Dexel.

“Also the challenge ropes course for groups to utilize opens in March and we have more indoor programs if people are interested. Most are just training programs, but we also have the flatiron trips.”

Unfortunately the Adventure Program doesn’t currently offer students trips achieving one of Colorado’s greatest bragging rights; hiking a 14,000-foot peak.

“One of these days hopefully we will be able. We would like to but we have access issues with permitting. If someone came in and wanted help, if they had 6 friends or something and wanted to plan a trip we could connect them with someone to guide them.” Said Dexel.

Whether you’re looking to just get in shape, or want to explore outdoors you will surely be able to challenge yourself with classes at the Rec Center.

“I’m not really into the classes, but I do see them when I walk by and they have a lot of cool ones.” Said McCoy.

“I come here regularly; as much as I can everyday. I work a lot, like 36 hours a week, and I’m a part time student doing a work-study over at the dorms. This is probably one of the best rec centers I’m ever going to go to.” Said McCoy.

It should be noted that the activities offered by the outdoor program are physically demanding.

“They’re not for everybody but they’re definitely fun experiences.” Said Dexel.

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