Sam Nixon’s mustache is handsome and multi-functional.

Sam Nixon once worked in our newsroom as a designer, but he left us.

Probably for more money.

That’ll happen.

But we stole him back to write a weekly column that he’s been penning for a few months now. The topics range from video games, to movies, to board games, to nerdrage. Get your hands on it on Wednesdays on Page 3. It’s some good, funny shit.

I’ll let him talk now…

Tell us something juicy that we don’t already know about you.

In addition to wasting the best remaining years of my youthful life with a controller of some sort in my hand, I’ve been trying my hand at pottery and ceramics lately. Felt I’d been spending too many of my waking hours staring at a glowing screen of some sort, ya know?

Where’s your favorite place to park your ass in Boulder?

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that I’m a homebody, but I do try to tear myself away and venture out as often as I can.

Favorite place to park my ass has to be the Walnut Cafe; I usually wander over there on weekends after catching the early bird showing of whatever that week’s new movie release is.

Word on the street is you like video games. What’s your favorite game? What’s your favorite platform?

It’s been a while since I last laid hands on it, but I’d have to say “Resident Evil.” My favorite of the current platforms is the Wii U right now, but that’s mostly because I haven’t forked over the scratch for a PlayStation 4 just yet.

What drives you nuts about gamers? What about developers: any pet peeves there?

I think gamers can have some serious entitlement issues. Seeing developers’ Twitter feeds routinely blow up with hate after the announcement of some upcoming change or whatever is getting old.

As for developers, I’m really only annoyed by the widespread installation of things like microtransactions.

If you could sit belly-up to the bar with any person in the world, who would it be and why?

Alejandro Jodorowsky. Did you see “Jodorowsky’s Dune”? That guy is batshit insane and wonderful. If he were a cult leader, I’d drink that Kool-Aid willingly.

You have a love/hate relationship with “World of Warcraft.” What side are you currently on?

Not so much the “hating” side as the “shunning” side. I’m on the final stage of the “see announcement of new expansion, buy new expansion, burn out in three weeks and uninstall game” cycle.

What is your life mantra? You can only use a ridiculous movie quote.

Oh shit, this one’s easy. “Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes.”

Tell us about your day job/dream job.

I spend my days as an editor for a market research firm, what with the grammar and the syntax and whatnot. As for a dream job, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. Although I do think I would make an excellent damsel in distress.

What advice would you give to a CU student who forgot what daylight looks like due to incessant gaming?

For all the fun I’ve had with games and movies over the years, it pales in comparison to the fun of sitting around and talking about those same interests with like-minded pals in person. I’d say keep gaming if you know it’s for you, but seek out some other folks who might dig what you dig. The presence of the second camp will bring a lot more enjoyment to the first.

You can only bring seven items with you to a deserted island filled with chupacabras. Go.

Six goats and a slingshot. I figure watching chupacabras eat has got to be awesome enough to want to watch it at least five more times. And slingshots are fun as shit.


Sam Nixon’s “Words From a Nerd” runs every Wednesday on Colorado Daily’s Page 3.




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