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Joining student groups can help form connections for life.

After you graduate, the next time you’re going to have expensive equipment to play with, free advice to roll around in or professional resume assistance — will be next to never.

Unless you’re rich.

And if you are, call me.

The University of Colorado’s Rec Center, for one, is a high-tech health facility that offers free access to students where a Ralphie-shaped outdoor pool (Ralphie’s the mascot. The live buffalo. Get it together.) just popped up, as well as a new indoor-climbing gym.

Get involved in student life, in clubs, in organizations — you can make connections for life. And lastly, don’t smoke weed or suck on handles of Fireball in the dorms. You will get in trouble.

Take advantage of all of the services CU has to offer students. “Free” comes along so rarely in life after college.

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