• Kathryn Scott Osler / The Denver Post

    CU and CSU students play drinking games before the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

  • Jeremy Papasso

    Rachel Nussbaum has some fun while pouring a draft beer for a customer at The Southern Sun Brewery in Boulder.

  • Jeremy Papasso




Pick thyselves up off the ground, run a comb through that rat’s nest, slam some coffee and get at it again.

College is not just a time to pump out a C-average, binge-watch your tablet or cry over spilled beans — it’s a time to throw fun into the wind. Whatever either of those phrases mean.

Boulder is one unique town, made up largely of CU students, which makes for quite the active nightlife.

Whether you want to dance, chug craft beer, stuff your gut with late-night snacks, check out live music or volunteer at the campus radio station, all the info you need is right in here. (Plus a spring movie preview.)

Now don’t forget to wipe that shi… what is that… off your face, slap on fresh coat of eye/guyliner and go paint the town whatever color suits your fancy.

Be sure to be good out there, we aren’t bailing your asses out of jail. Plus, Boulder loves you, so love Boulder back.

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